Top 4 Reasons to Order Room Service Breakfast When on Business Trips

Top 4 Reasons to Order Room Service Breakfast When on Business Trips

So you’re on a business trip. You’ve done that quite a bit, have you? If that’s the case, then you must have some sort of routine that you do when you’re in a hotel. Part of that routine is that when you’re having breakfast, you just need to order room service for it. While a room service breakfast may seem overly luxurious and indolent, there are actually very good reasons for such a move:

1.   It Works as an Extremely Effective Alarm Clock

Sure, we all have alarm clocks with our indispensable smartphones these days. But there’s always a reason to dawdle and delay in your foggy little brain in the morning, which is why the snooze button is evil.

But when you’ve scheduled breakfast to arrive at 7:30 AM on the dot, you can’t just press the snooze button and take a few more minutes of zzzs. The reason is simple. Very few people—men as well as women—have enough chutzpah to actually deal with room service delivery without being decently dressed. Lots of men really don’t want to get their breakfast in their ratty boxer shorts, while quite a few women would prefer to have at least brushed their hair.

Since your breakfast arrives at 7:30 AM, you have to wake up beforehand with enough time to get a shower and to look somewhat more presentable. It forces you to wake up and you’re able to start your morning without being rushed.

2.   You’re Actually Able to Eat Breakfast

If you don’t order room service breakfast, there’s a very good chance that you may just skip this important meal. That’s because you didn’t wake up at the right time, or you don’t want to bother finding a place that serves breakfast.

But now you have food and coffee, and you get to eat after more than 8 hours of not eating overnight. You get the fuel you need for your morning activities.

3.   You Can Avoid People If You’re Not a Morning Person

Lots of us aren’t at our best behavior in the morning. So when you head on out the door looking for a breakfast deli, you run the risk of offending people with your surly morning demeanor. These may be other people in the conference you’re attending or the members of your own team, and you may alienate them.

You can try to act nicely, but it can be frustrating. That’s especially true when they insist on coming with you to find breakfast when you’d rather be alone. Then they may even sit with you at the breakfast table and try to chat while you just want to eat, have coffee and read the newspaper.

So order room service breakfast, and enjoy it in peace.

4.   You Can Even Get Some Early Work Done

No one’s stopping you from checking on with your work through your laptop when you’re in your own hotel room. You don’t have to worry about people looking over your shoulder either.

So go ahead and order room service breakfast. It doesn’t cost much, but the rewards are worth more than what you pay for it!

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