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Outer Launches Luxurious Outdoor Furniture for Your Backyard

Outer Outdoor Furniture

Despite being coveted, outdoor spaces also pose challenges for homeowners and apartment dwellers as furnishing such spaces can be a challenge. While there are tons of great pieces of outdoor furniture, the maintenance can be quite a drag that some folks opt to skip them entirely. Doing so prevents you from making the most of your home, though, so it should be addressed accordingly.

Outer is one of the brands that hope to take people outside more. Americans tend to spend 90% of their time indoors, creating a comfortable and beautiful outdoor space right in people’s yards might help them change up their routines a bit. This can then be beneficial for one’s mental and physical wellbeing, so why not create the perfect outdoor spot in your property if you have the room for it anyway? With their beautiful, cozy, high-quality, and low-maintenance products, they hope to affect change everywhere.


Outer Sofas stand out from the crowd for its topnotch functionality and comfort. Like other pieces of outdoor furniture, they’re built to withstand harsh elements but their products take things further. With their proprietary Integrated OuterShell cover, the cushions are protected from rain, debris, morning dew, and even harsh sunlight.

It uses waterproof and fade-proof fabrics so it also won’t stain or look worn out after some time. This also makes it ready to use any time, making it very easy to enjoy anytime.

Combined with memory foam cushions, Outer’s sofas promise to be as comfortable as your bed. The multilayer composition provides exquisite feel and support so you can lounge around in them all day long.

A great plus to owning an Outer sofa is that you can also turn it into an earning opportunity. Outer wants to use the concept behind the sharing economy by turning your patio or backyard as a showroom. So if people want to see their products, they’ll head into your home instead of going to the brand’s brick and mortar store. It’s a convenient selling technique for them as it also showcases their products in action and it eliminates their need for a commercial space. It’s definitely an exciting take on a traditional product.

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