Eliminate Manual Processes With Powerful Workflow Automation App from Laserfiche

Eliminate Manual Processes With Powerful Workflow Automation App from Laserfiche

There’s no denying that workflow automation tools have seriously revolutionized workplace operations in the past few decades. They have made operations centralized, more organized, and efficient, boosting businesses’ productivity in the process. Luckily, there are quite a few options available, ranging from full suites of applications to more specialized web tools and applications.

Laserfiche is one of the top options that businesses can opt for it they’re in need of software for enterprise or digital content management, process automation, records management, workflow, webform, and document imaging. Their roots can be traced back to the 1980s when they first created and offered a document management system for a Japanese automotive manufacturer.

The idea was to make an electronic document repository that will allow instant retrieval using any phrase or word that is contained in the file. From there, they specialized in simplifying many essential functions that are required in the workplace.

As a testament to their commitment to making workplaces more efficient, Laserfiche has specialized offerings for various industries. They recognize that different fields have multiple requirements. So to ensure that their productivity and performance is boosted, they need the right tools that can specifically meet their needs. The kinds of products may be somewhat similar across industries, but their functionalities are tailor-fitted to best cater to the trade’s requirements.

What are their products? Laserfiche has three offerings: Process Automation, Platform Services, and Content Management.

Their Process Automation software is meant to digitize manual processes so they can be streamlined and accomplished with greater ease. This includes Task Management functionalities and Form creation, filing, and processing. They also offer Reporting and Analytics so businesses can identify problem areas and deal with them right away.

Platform Services promise support compliance, secure information storage, and application integrations to cover all of the business’ basic needs. This involves Records Management, ECM Integration, as well as Cloud and Security services.

Last but not least is its Content Management program that convenient storage for all of the critical work-related documents. They provide different kinds of tools for organization and control of documents, making it more straightforward for users to collect their output effectively.

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