Esports One Launches an All-In-One Fantasy Esports Platform

Esports One Launches an All-In-One Fantasy Esports Platform

All the real-time updates on eSports are provided by one sophisticated data-tracking technology, Esports One.  This platform enables players and game analysts to make predictions and improvements to the game and game style.

All-In-One Fantasy Esports Platform

eSports One started out as a League of Legends database. They’re solely focused on collecting information about each game since the beta version for League was released in 2011. Ever since then, the game has evolved and players have changed their playstyles. eSports One also has increased its efforts of organizing this data set.

eSports One’s database enabled them to make models and predictions using AI. This also provided the necessary information to model fantasy games. Users who sign up for eSports One can review games and the game stats of League of Legends players.

They can then make their own lineup, and match it against other eSports One users. This will provide entertainment for people who are passionate about eSports, even if they’re not invested in the game itself.

eSports One’s partnership with Riot Games allowed them opportunities to expand. They’ve made data sets for Overwatch as well, and they’re set to release other titles in the future soon.

eSports One provides not just a fantasy game that is modeled on data sets collected from hundreds of games. Game analysts also provide their insight on eSports matches and share them creatively with the crowd to keep the hype for eSports going.

eSports is not about Riot’s game child. It’s more about the player and the player environment. They discuss topics about how eSports change, and they’ve recently discussed topics on how eSports will shift to a home-based playstyle instead of massive stages, to which Riot has been known to set up for League players.

The company also patterns its business model with Riot. Riot Games has been known to update League of Legends after every season match, after a new champion release, or in-game item modifications. This will make sure the players (for eSports One) will be satisfied and won’t complain that a player card (think Faker) is broken. GGEZ.

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