9 Compelling Reasons For Taking Your Dog To Work

9 Compelling Reasons For Taking Your Dog To Work

For a lot of people, having been able to bring their dog to their workplace is some kind of a dream come true. More and more people are being allowed and are bringing their dogs to the office. But companies that have and are willing to adopt this policy are faced with a myriad of health-related concerns on how the dogs would impact the workplace. However, the fact that people want to bring their dogs to the workplace proves that there are advantages.

Bringing Your Dog to Work Is Good for Everyone

Here are the nine compelling reasons for taking your dog to work, whether you are an employee or the company.

9 Compelling Reasons For Taking Your Dog To Work

1. Dogs Are Stress Relievers

People who bring their dogs to work tend to have been more productive and experienced less stress throughout each working day. Compared to people who did not bring their dogs to work. They produced less, and their stress levels skyrocketed throughout the day. Carrying and cuddling your dog as it kisses and licks, you appear to be a better option than staggering to the pantry for the 9th time today to reach for another candy bar.

2. Active Dogs Mean Active You

One more benefit of taking your dog to work is that you also move quite a lot more. Your dog would have to eat, drink, and take its number two. You will have to play with it from time to time as well, which means you have to get up from your seat more often. This would help with heart health, weight loss, and maintaining healthy blood pressure.

3. Dogs Make You More Approachable

The dog is man’s best friend. Naturally, they make people warm, a lot more friendly, and they make conversations a lot easier because they skip the awkward self-introduction. Starting a conversation with the help of your canine friend starts with a simple caress on its head.

4. Dogs Make Employees Stay

Allowing employees to bring their dog to work, as we have discussed, brings a lot of advantages not only for them. But also for the company. It promotes a healthier lifestyle for the employees. This would mean they are more motivated to go to work every day. Ultimately, they would tend to stick with the company for more than the expected amount of time.

5. Dogs Boost Productivity

More approachable, more active, less stressed, and more motivated employees would undoubtedly produce more. Dogs might seem to pose an inevitable source of distraction. Yes, sometimes it can be. But the advantages as mentioned above, vastly surpass this small disadvantage.

6. Dogs Are Social Beings Too

Rather than leaving your dog at home every time you go to work. Why not bring them to work? Or rather than paying for an expensive dog care center to take care of them and have attention given to them, just bring them to the office. Dogs need human attention; it is essential for their well-being. And in the office, they get a lot of attention.

7. A Dog-friendly Workplace Is Attractive To Employees

Job hunters nowadays look for the most outlandish workplace benefits there is. A “dogs allowed” statement on your job posting would catch the eye of a dog-loving job seeker. Which there are a lot of by the way. This is an inexpensive or even free way to add incentives to your employees.

8. Employees Tend To Work Overtime

They work overtime, but this time they’ll love it. Because their beloved dog is with them at work. They tend to focus more on their work and not worry about going home early to look after their dog. This is a plus for them and a plus for your company. A win-win situation.

9. Dogs Improve Employee’s Job Satisfaction

With all the benefits we have listed here about the benefits of bringing your dog to work, and with the sense that the company works hard to adopt a more dog-friendly workplace. They would receive overall positive feedback from their employees and tend to build more trust in the company, and more motivation to perform their work. Overall, you have a happier workplace and more productive people.

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