9 Superfoods to Help You Eat Healthy On a Budget

9 Superfoods to Help You Eat Healthy On a Budget

Some people may gravitate towards cheaper junk food simply because healthier alternatives seem much more expensive. But that’s not always the case, and in fact, there are plenty of food items you can buy in your grocery store that you can easily fit into your modest budget. Vegetables are especially nutritious for you, and these are affordable as well.

Butternut Squash

With an average price of a little over a dollar a pound, this is certainly affordable. You get a lot of nutrients from this vegetable, even compared to other types of winter squash. A cup of butternut squash gives you about 3x your RDI for vitamin A and half your daily vitamin C requirement. It also gives you 14% of your potassium needs and 12% for magnesium.

You also get a lot of soluble fiber and antioxidants, and butternut squash can help with weight maintenance and reducing the chances of heart disease. Include it in your meals as a side dish and enjoy.

Green Cabbage

It costs about 58¢ a pound, so the price is right. But your purchase also gets you plenty of vitamins C and K, along with other B vitamins and trace minerals the body needs.

Eating cabbage (and various cruciferous veggies) is good for you because you’re taking in glucosinolates. These are antioxidants that some scientists believe can help against some kinds of cancer. Eating cabbage regularly can also seriously reduce the chances of getting heart disease.

You can put this in coleslaw and salads, and with fermentation, you can turn it into sauerkraut.


These only costs 74¢ a pound, and you certainly get your money’s worth. Carrots are notable for the large amounts of beta carotene that your body can then convert into vitamin A. Vitamin A boosts your immune system and promotes good vision, and a single cup of carrots gives you more than 4x your daily vitamin A requirement.

In addition, you also take in a serious amount of fiber, along with vitamins C and K plus potassium and manganese minerals. Carrots also have plenty of antioxidants that may reduce the risks of some types of cancer like stomach and prostate cancer.

You can enjoy carrots even when raw. Just add them to your meals, or to your salads.


US residents evidently love their canned tomatoes, and that’s mainly because they taste great with many dishes. It’s a bonus that they only cost about 92¢ a pound, and they’re very healthy for you too.

They give you more than a third of your daily vitamin C requirements with just a single cup, plus vitamins A, E, and K. There are B vitamins too and also trace minerals.

Tomatoes may help against some types of cancers, and also with heart disease. It can help lower high blood pressure, and also reduce the level of bad cholesterol. The lycopene in tomatoes acts as an antioxidant that protects against cell damage, reduces inflammation, and reduces the chances of disease.

So you should have some canned tomatoes in your cupboard. They can make your stews, casseroles, and soups taste a lot better.

Sweet Potatoes

These cost the same as tomatoes at 92¢ a pound. Sweet potatoes contain plenty of beta carotene, and a single sweet potato provides your body with 369% of your daily vitamin A requirements. You also get vitamin C, B vitamins, fiber, and potassium. The anti-inflammatory benefits of sweet potatoes can help reduce the risk of various chronic diseases like diabetes and cancer.

Try out sweet potatoes by roasting, baking, or steaming them. Lots of dishes are improved by adding these sweet potatoes.

Russet Potatoes

These are even cheaper at 56¢ a pound. Their health benefits lie mainly in eating the skin of these potatoes, which give you plenty of vitamins B and C. These vitamins can help maintain the health of your brain and immune system. They also contain fiber that supports digestion and helps keep your appetite in control.

The skins also provide you with minerals, notably potassium. Do you know how bananas are famous for their potassium content? Well, a single medium-sized russet potato gives you twice the amount of potassium you get from a banana. S

So try these russet potatoes by boiling or baking them.


Popeye wasn’t joking when he got strong munching on spinach. A single 255-gram bag (9 ounces) only cost a couple of dollars. You get plenty of vitamin K that keeps your bones strong while it also reduces the risks of cancer and heart disease.

Then you also get vitamins A and C, along with manganese and folate. Other compounds in spinach can reduce inflammation and prevent cell damage that can lead to chronic diseases.

Just add the spinach you’re your soups, casseroles, and salads. You may even want to try adding it to your smoothies.


Here’s another popular veggie due to its taste, and because a pound of it only costs a dollar. But it’s also very healthy for you because of the large amounts of antioxidants you receive, which can help against diabetes, heart disease, and some types of cancer.

You even get modest amounts of vitamins C and B6, plus potassium and manganese. Plenty of dishes taste even better with onions, so always have some in your kitchen.


A bunch of broccoli only costs about $1.64, and for that little money, you spend you get just about every type of nutrient you need. It’s especially full of vitamin C that boosts your immune system. A single cup gives you 135% of your daily Vitamin C requirements.

Broccoli also contains plenty of vitamin K and folate. These two nutrients help with blood clotting and can prevent some types of neural tube birth defects. The antioxidants and other nutrients in broccoli can even help prevent heart disease and cancer.

You can try cooking broccoli or even enjoy it raw. Add it to your soups, casseroles, and salads as well.

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