Podcorn Launches a Marketplace for Podcast Sponsorships

Podcorn Launches a Marketplace for Podcast Sponsorships

Did you know that there are about 800,000 active podcasts around the world right now? In the US alone, there are about 86 million podcast listeners, prompting entertainment experts to believe that podcasts are becoming mainstream. This shouldn’t be too surprising since there are lots of great shows out there and they cater to very specific interests, making them all the more interesting for its audience.

With such massive numbers, it also means that businesses should start to get in on these podcasts to reach specific segments of the market. The listeners of these shows are already specialized and niche, so it’s just a matter of finding the right podcast to advertise in.

But then again, with the huge number of podcasts available right now, doing so can be a bit overwhelming for businesses. Who has the time to comb through all of these shows? They’re not even available in one place so it can be a tedious task to locate the right podcasts to work with!

This is where Podcorn comes in. As a marketplace for brands and podcasts, they promise to connect brands to the right shows for native sponsorships. With their help, you can skip the step where you have to look up, research, and contact podcasts on your own. You can go straight to the negotiation table and save yourself from the grunt work.

Podcorn Launches a Marketplace for Podcast Sponsorships

Podcorn doesn’t stop at the introduction, though. Their matchmaking is not just based on the related content of both ends. They also make sure that the brands and podcasters can create meaningful and authentic messages that will help them better connect with the listeners to generate and sustain revenue.

Aside from these, Podcorn users will also get a management tool that will help them keep track of their partnerships and projects. So by turning to their services, sponsorships will be easier and more efficient for brands and podcasters alike.

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