Wondery is a Podcast Network That Connects You to Great Entertainment Storytellers

Wondery is a Podcast Network That Connects You to Great Entertainment Storytellers

Some people don’t need a TV screen to get their fill of fun and information. It’s this fact that explains the continuing popularity of podcasts. Go online, and there’s a whole horde of podcast options to choose from. Sifting all these options to find the quality podcasts won’t be easy, but then you can always try Wondery.

Wondery was started by Hernan Lopez, who has 19 years under his belt working for Fox. For 5 of those 19 years, he was the CEO of Fox International Channels. He knows TV, and yet in 2016, he left the TV sector to start a podcast network.


The mix of entertainment and information is potent in Wondery, because they push to enthrall people even as they offer to provide actual facts in their podcasts. This is quite evident in their history podcasts. They have people with truly beguiling voices, such as the rich baritone of Lindsay Graham narrating for American History Tellers. Their first 3 episodes were about the Cold War, and listening to the podcasts make you feel as if you were there at that particular moment in time.

It’s history that will never bore you. they’re extremely professional, rivaling the quality that channels such as HBO and Netflix put into their TV shows. With Wondery, you’ll wonder at the sheer proficiency by which they tell their stories in audio form. Shows like the American History Tellers don’t just tell you what life was like in a historical age. They transport you to that time.


It’s this blend of entertainment and factual information that has beguiled their audience and has earned them attention in the mainstream media. Tehyve has been covered in outlets such as Forbes, Variety, USA Today, and the Hollywood Reporter. Normally those media outlets focus on movies and TV shows, but the attention they pay to Wondery is the result of the high quality this particular podcast channel has put into their podcasts.

They really are that good. If you’re interested in podcasts, you have to check them out. If you’re not a fan of podcasts, check them out anyway—you’ll be a fan of podcasts after you’ve sampled what they have to offer.

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