Podcast: Jason Feifer, Editor-In-Chief at Entrepreneur Magazine on ‘How to Find Success’

Podcast: Jason Feifer, Editor-In-Chief at Entrepreneur Magazine on How to Find Success

In this episode of Don’t Keep Your Day Job, Jason Feifer talks about how to pitch yourself and finding success. Jason started work as a writer for a local newspaper but quit soon after and aimed for major publishers to notice him and his work.

Jason Feifer on ‘How to Find Success’

He suggests starting working small so you can build up your skill and find out what areas you’re lacking. To make an awesome pitch, he said that it should match the theme of the paper and also should contain an argument that works for you and not against you.

Jason Feifer didn’t start knee-deep in business. As an entrepreneur, he says there is a need to recognize and control change. Being able to embrace change is also part of the equation for being able to succeed in business. This allows one to have a wider perspective and a bigger set of choices.

He talks about the experience of entrepreneurship and problem-solving and how this is the core value of entrepreneurs. He gives examples of how problem-solving is at the core of any business. But sometimes, it’s not entirely about solving the problem and can be anything related, like other problems that co-exist with the main one.

In this podcast, Jason also finds a common theme he finds in his guests or entrepreneurs. He thinks that rethinking is common among entrepreneurs. He points out how this is a transformational process, remaking what it is to what it can do. This can then create trust and belief in customers.

Jason thinks that acknowledging that you are a learner or are still in the learning process even though you’re already an authority on something or are in a position of power is better for everyone. He also discusses how to not sound self-centered while selling yourself. He uses Tim Ferris as an example and how his perception of Tim changed.

He further discusses the trick to accomplishing self-promotion without inciting self-doubt. He says that it starts with an internal process and a reframing of thought. Everything somebody would say for self-promotion possesses value. To get more information regarding how to pitch yourself and find success, continue listening to the podcast.


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