Podcast: Brit Morin, Founder at Brit+Co – How She Scale a Community on Pinterest

Podcast: Brit Morin, Founder at Brit+Co - How To Scale a Community on Pinterest

Brit Morin’s approach to growing her audience is a simple and direct method. She posts every single piece of her Pinterest creations and sees which ones click with the audience. She sorts all the items that have the most number of interactions and adjusts her processes around them. In this podcast, she highlights how the importance of rapid iteration is useful for people who are on the more “explosive” side of producing content.

Brit + Co seeks to inspire, educates, and entertains real women with a creative spirit.

Some people who want to build an audience may find this weird. Although experimental, Brit likes to make sure she has something to show to her community on a regular basis. Iterations of her work stand as the filter. The secondary filter is the people’s reactions to her work.

This is her “magic” and it may work for some people who give the least priority to quality, but instead focus on consistency of production. At other times, she shifts to identifying a niche and market instead, then reverses her iterative filtering process. It’s a good approach since she has two directions to approach the target of building an audience. 

Brit Morin’s growing Pinterest community sees an increase in number because she gives importance to their feedback. Being able to engage your audience with what you do ensures they don’t leave the community and increases the likelihood of them promoting your work. It’s a shared proud moment, with the relationship between content creator and audience given weight instead of the output itself.

There are also moments where the audience has no clue on how to proceed with whatever they’re interested in, and this uncertainty brings about fear. Brit Morin ensures this fear doesn’t linger in her community and offers help as quickly, and as many as she can provide. This circles back to her method of quickly making iterations. If at least one of them works, then that only means providing several options is always a good first move.

In this podcast, she also stresses the importance of asking for help and how reliance can become the single most important thing to maintaining a community. Listen now to find out more about how Brit Morin grew her Pinterest audience.



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