Podcast: Marc Randolph on Building Netflix, and Battling Blockbuster

Podcast: Marc Randolph on Building Netflix, and Battling Blockbuster

Marc Randolph’s journey to establishing Netflix as one of the most popular video streaming services started with him attending National Outdoor Leadership School. Management is one of the core skills in entrepreneurship and Marc’s choice to go to NOLS was something he would never regret for the rest of his life.

In this podcast, we find out how leadership changed Marc’s voice, or more specifically, his speaking style (choice of words and tone). This doesn’t automatically happen. For anyone listening to the podcast aspiring to be a public speaker, Marc shares his observations about himself.

Co-Founder of Netflix, Marc Randolph on Building Netflix

Marc Randolph says that there is no good idea and that Netflix wasn’t an exception either. Marc and his co-founder Reed had to do extensive preparation to come up with the idea of Netflix. Listeners will be able to find out what these preparations are, in detail. 

In its infancy, Netflix (or any other type of business) will reveal two kinds of entrepreneurs. Great entrepreneurs will strive to make the most of their investment, and push through with its development regardless of the obstacle. Bad entrepreneurs will simply abandon or merely sustain the investment and don’t make any improvements on the idea.

Marc Randolph had to step up his courage to be a nonconformist in the 90’s era of entertainment media. A good entrepreneur knows how to take risks, and Marc, believing in being the better entrepreneur during Netflix’s early days, invested more of his time and efforts until it grew to dominate much of our screens in the 21st century.

You would be surprised how many names Netflix has had. Marc discusses how this is a part of the process of setting up a business. It’s also one of the more important parts as it helps build identity and set itself apart from various video streaming platforms.

Marc’s Netflix wasn’t a smooth ride. He talks about how Jeff Bezos almost caused them trouble and they almost let themselves be the bad entrepreneur while Netflix still wasn’t in its full glory. But years after that, it’s all Netflix and chills as he shares how his creation became a way for him to spend time with his significant other. Find out more about Marc Randolph’s Netflix success.



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