The Ultimate Primer on the LA All-Electric Car-Share Program

The Ultimate Primer on the LA All-Electric Car-Share Program

Everyone who has ever wondered about visiting or living in LA has been told that this city requires you to have a car. Its public transport program is a joke. But now people are finally getting a new transport option that runs on 4 wheels. BlueLA, a car-sharing service involving electric cars, has now been operating across a large section of Central LA. It’s mostly focused in places where the residents are lower-income so that they can do errands, work 2nd shifts, and go to get services.


Here’s a handy FAQ guide to help you get a better idea of how it works:

How do you use this service?

If you’ve ever used a bike share system, then this should be a familiar process. To rent an electric car, you can just use the mobile app to reserve a BlueLA car in advance. You can also just go to the charging station kiosk and use your BlueLA or linked Metro TAP card. There’s a display that shows your account info and you have options to use the car right away or later.

To return the car, just plug it back into the charging station and tap your card again. You can find the charging station locations at the BlueLA site.

How many charging stations are there?

There are (as of this writing) 7 charging stations. But by the end of 2018 there will be as many as 40 charging stations across the city. These will have 200 charging docks and 100 EVs.

How many cars are available now?

There are about 25 vehicles available?

When can you rent a BlueLA car?

You can rent one 24/7.

Where are the kiosks located?

They’re in neighborhoods such as Pico-Union, Rampart Village, and East Hollywood. There’s also one in downtown LA in the Fashion District.

How much will this cost you?

This needs a monthly subscription, which is normal for car-sharing services. Again, you can just visit the BlueLA site to sign up. The subscription costs $5 a month, with a metered service at 20¢ a minute. If during the sign-up you can prove that you’re a low-income resident, you only pay $1 a month and the meter sets at 15¢ a minute. There’s also walk-up service at 40¢.

What’s the range?

If you have a full charge, you can go for at least 100 miles though it depends on the driving conditions. On a good day, you can go 125 miles.

How’s the driving experience?

These small EVs are very peppy, with quick acceleration and easy handling. You have heating and air conditioning, nav and a stereo. There’s also an assistance call-button that can answer your questions.

There are plenty of good reasons why the BlueLA service was launched. The most obvious reason is to alleviate the failings of LA’s transportation network. There are too many issues regarding safety, and air quality, and congestion, and BlueLA is a step in the right direction. It also gives a change for even low-income residents to use low-carbon technology, as usually, these types of cars are much more expensive. It’s great for the users, and its low-carbon feature is great for the city as a whole.

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