5 Ways to Make Any Virtual Party Fun 

5 Ways to Make Any Virtual Party Fun 

Setting up a virtual party needs a lot of preparation. Here are some tips on how to make a virtual party an event for anyone to enjoy.

How to Create A Virtual Party That’s Fun & Entertaining

Virtual Party – Set Up The Party Mood

In the same way, you get club vibes from putting strobe lights inside your room, virtual parties can give the desired mood given time and planning. To set up a mood, participants can wear costumes that fit the theme of the party. It’s close to summertime so beach-related or sea-related vibes can be a good choice.

Backgrounds can also be set up in rooms to match the costumes. People can also agree on where to do their virtual parties – it’s a choice between living rooms and bedrooms usually, as long as everybody is in agreement. But decor doesn’t have to be limited to the physical world only.

Some video conferencing apps have camera filters that let you customize how you appear or your surroundings appear to other people in the virtual party. These add a fun element to a virtual party, and taking snippets of these fun little details can be a good addition to a curated album to be given out at the end of the party. 

Background music can also help set the mood for the virtual party. If one is expert enough in sound-related software, they can set the background music to automatically tune the volume down when somebody is speaking into their mic.

Setting up the mood also involves picking who will be joining the party. Surely, nobody would hold a party and have a wine tasting or beer chugging activity if half of the joiners are minors. 

This can also mean that the mood for a virtual party depends on the people you invite. Virtual parties with friends can go all out, while family and relatives in a virtual party will have a degree of modesty.

5 Ways to Make Any Virtual Party Fun 

Virtual Party – Allow Time to Chit-Chat

It’s always a good idea to catch up. Attendees to a virtual party can talk about anything – it could be recent travels (although this is a low possibility due to the pandemic and travel restrictions), trending movies, or home activities that may kill boredom. 

It’s a good time to also do introductions. If somebody is new at work, people can get to know more about the individual. Virtual parties are also a chance to increase social circles, and friends can introduce themselves to coworkers. 

Catching up also involves acknowledging the fact that some people may have been unable to make it to the event. This is a common ground for everyone and is a way to get the ball rolling. It’s very important to keep the conversation going else everybody will suffer the awkward silence. 

Multiple people will attempt to talk at the same time and this is a bad conversation killer. It might be a good idea to have everybody on mute if they’re not talking, and setting up a chatroom for side talk can also be an alternative. However, the communication is set up, giving everybody a chance to share their thoughts and make the virtual party seamless.

Virtual Party – Food Party (get online deliveries)

It’s not a party if there’s no food. Although virtual parties don’t have a long table to line all the food up, it’s important that everyone gets to experience eating as a group. Thanks to food delivery, it’s possible to choose from several menus and have them delivered to your doorstep. 

Prior to the virtual party, cooking sessions can also be done at a friend’s house, then opting to have them sent to those who signed up for the virtual party.

The choice of food also matters in a virtual party. Wine has to go with food that can be eaten off a plate, while beer can go with pizza. For people who prefer eating with their hands, the obvious choice would be the latter. Some restaurants also offer catering services, and deliveries can be done by one of the attendees prior to starting the virtual party. 

A second virtual party can also be done outside, offering a more close-up and personal experience among the attendees. As long as the restaurants are still in operation and the government has decided to lighten the quarantine protocols, then virtual parties can be extended to a real one. 

During the pre-planning phase, food can also be the deciding factor on how to set the mood of the party. If the host decides to have wine and cheese as the food, then a more formal theme is just appropriate.

5 Ways to Make Any Virtual Party Fun 

Virtual Party – Do A Surprise Visits

Virtual parties serve to lessen people’s feelings of sadness and isolation from the world. Mental health should be the foremost concern during the pandemic. Despite their attendance, participants in a virtual party may still feel blue. By doing surprise visits, people can have better interconnectedness. It’s also one of the best things a relative or a close friend can do.

It’s a chance to interact with people beyond the camera and the internet. Making someone feel less lonely is the point of a party, after all. That, and the need to take a break from the bleakness of work and the current global situation. 

The more, the merrier, they say, so there’s no such thing as of late to the party. People just arriving at the party is a breath of fresh air, and can be a good way for everyone to rearrange their conversation or focus.

Virtual Party – Bring In The Drinks

Virtual parties need more buzz and not the electronic whir of laptops or computers. All it takes for everyone to enjoy is three glasses of wine. It’s a helpful conversation starter, and some people are just inclined to keep their mouths shut unless they’re tipsy. 

It’s also a good way to introduce new brands of wine or beer. Boxed wine isn’t bad either. Whatever the drink is, it’s one way to keep the virtual party alive.

There’s so much more to include in a virtual party and it’s not just 5 things. Games haven’t been discussed yet, and why easter egg hunts are the best games for a virtual party, and how to stretch down and collaborative movie marathons help everyone ease out of the party. 

Whether you want to spend some time alone after a virtual party or go for a second one, it’s important you enjoy the most out of the party you’re just about to leave from.

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