What Clean Technology Startups in Los Angeles are Doing About Climate Change

What Clean Technology Startups in Los Angeles are Doing About Climate Change

It’s no secret that helping out Mother Earth is one of the most promising lines of works there is today. The tasks at hand are very pressing and of great importance. There are also so many different things that can be done, making the industry ripe for the taking.

As one of the most progressive places in the world, Los Angeles naturally became the home to many green and cleantech businesses today. Everything about it – the wide-open spaces, the young and diverse culture, and its many opportunities to be outdoors and one with nature make it the perfect spot for these environmentally conscious enterprises to flourish.

To further the cause of protecting the environment, several initiatives have been launched by the local government and private sector to promote the city’s green economy. The LA Cleantech Incubator or LACI was established as a non-profit public-private partnership as a result of the Clean Tech Los Angeles alliance.

In their recent Power Day celebration, LACI got together with the different organizations and enterprises that have a stake and interest in green and cleantech to discuss climate change. It’s a timely topic, especially amidst the raging forest fires in California that have affected most of the West Coast. It also came right after Governor Gavin Newsom’s announcement of banning the sale of gas and diesel-powered vehicles in the state of California starting from the year 2035.

The virtual event created a space where different kinds of institutions were able to learn more about each other’s efforts in making a positive environmental impact. It also created opportunities for networking that will surely blossom into beautiful and beneficial partnerships.

What Clean Technology Startups in Los Angeles are Doing About Climate Change

Since Power Day is about celebrating the clean energy ecosystem in California, the event also showcased 14 different startups including Sparkcharge, makers of portable high-speed electric vehicle chargers; Xeal, a predictive AI software maker that help EV charging stations maximize their profit capabilities; Maxwell Vehicles, EV manufacturers that offer cost-effective electric-powered vans; and many more. The event was held virtually so there were no limitations on the attendees. Time for networking is also provided to better enhance the experience and provide beneficial opportunities to everyone.

The main topics for the discussion panels of the celebration touched on what transportation would be like in the post-COVID 19 society and the creation of the circular economy of batteries.

Both are very important and timely topics as even though it’s still best to stay indoors and physically distance from others to further curb the spread of the virus, modes of transportations, especially public ones, will always be necessary. Rethinking it is crucial to do now in preparation for what might happen next.

Batteries will now be the vital component of many crucial technologies, ensuring that their continued use is essential. Exploring the technologies involved in the process will help enhance and develop the possibilities further.

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