GoldenArk Launches Its First NFT Collection, B-Boy Skunks Geared Toward Hip Hop and Cannabis Enthusiasts

GoldenArk Launches Its First NFT Collection, B-Boy Skunks Geared Toward Tech-Savvy Hip Hop and Cannabis Enthusiasts

GoldenArk, the company best known for being behind the GoldenArk Metaverse for cannabis consumers, is excited to announce the launch of its latest endeavor – a vast NFT collection consisting of unique collectible characters designed with hip hop artists and enthusiasts in mind. A team of Gen Xers carefully created the revolutionary cultural hip hop NFT characters after experiencing underground hip hop when it was at its peak. Their natural love for the industry helped shape the overall design process of these revolutionary characters.

GoldenArk Launches Its First NFT Collection

Michael Manu, Jack Lau, and Al Freshko, all three of whom grew up during the hip hop era, are the creators behind characters representing a genuine passion for getting high with love for cannabis, graffiti, breakdancing, DJs, hip hop, and naturally dope vibes. One of the three artists, Al Freshko, has created some of the most recognizable logos throughout the hip-hop industry and has devoted time and effort to making the most impressionable characters for GoldenArk’s holders to enjoy.

GoldenArk Launches Its First NFT Collection, B-Boy Skunks
GoldenArk Launches Its First NFT Collection, B-Boy Skunks

Hip-hop culture has helped bring millions of people together with common interests for decades. It’s not just about the music but also the clothing, graffiti, style, and art that represents the culture and has molded it into what it’s become today. GoldenArk seeks to emulate the same experience by getting people to join forces through its latest NFT collection of B-Boy Skunks. The digital display of characters is available on the Ethereum blockchain, providing holders with a collectible piece of art that doubles as a VIP access membership for VIP members-only benefits, including full access to The B-Boy Lounge. The B-Boy Lounge is a designated hotspot that encourages community members to collaborate, meet new people worldwide, make friends, and share some of the most thought-provoking ideas.

While the first generation of B-Boy Skunks is unique and fresh, some of the characters are ultra-rare and include extra details that make them more memorable. As a result, holders can invest for a chance to have an ultra-rare piece of art with exclusive benefits that will continue to become increasingly useful with time. In addition, they can create digital identities while using these characters to connect with new people through the Metaverse and have safer, more enjoyable experiences.

GoldenArk has recently released details of its roadmap. These details include plans of making the BBS collection available to the public, releasing several held B-Boy Skunks via airdrop to random B-Boy Skunk holders, offering member-exclusive perks, and opening a merch store with limited edition apparel available, such as tees and hoodies.

GoldenArk - NFT Collection - B-Boy Skunks
GoldenArk – NFT Collection – B-Boy Skunks

The B-Boy Skunks will quickly become more exclusive, with only 10,000 NFTs available from GoldenArk’s latest collection. Anyone interested in taking ownership of something valuable that provides both digital and in-person benefits can get in on the opportunity to take ownership while the price is lower before missing out as the value of the artwork starts to increase. With a growing demand for high-quality NFTs and the utility that GoldenArk plans to offer with its innovative collection, it’s an investment worth making for any hip hop or cannabis enthusiast.

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