Clipkick Launches Next-Generation Video Curation App for the Entertainment Community

Clipkick Launches Next-Generation Video Curation App for the Entertainment CommunityWe’ve all heard it, there’s an app for that! The average person has 80 apps installed on their phone and only uses about nine daily. When a new app enters the market, we can all be a little doubtful if we actually need it, will use it, and if it is worthy of the real estate space on our smart device. So when I was invited to be a Clipkick app beta user, I was curious to see if I actually would use it and I was pleasantly surprised that it quickly became my go-to utility app for bookmarking video clips all in one place. Gone were the days of me saving content in 10 different apps and not remembering where I saved content. 

Clipkick, an LA-based startup, is a FREE app for watching, bookmarking, and sharing any video clip on the web. With Clipkick you can find new and trending videos according to your taste and keep up with clips your friends are into. The app enables you to bookmark clips you like from any source and make video playlists called “Lineups” that you can share with your friends via text, email, social media, and more. A key feature of Clipkick that makes it different from other video apps is that by design it does not allow you to upload content. Video clips are linked and played directly from the original source. This allows the original video source to capture more views, amplify its content across channels, and aggregate related content all in one place within the Clipkick app. 

Keep reading for the scoop on the how, the why, and success behind the Clipkick app… 

Clipkick was officially released in January. The app was created by Alan James Edwards, who is no stranger to the tech space. Edwards worked in digital media for nearly 20 years but also has roots as an actor, comedian, and filmmaker. Clipkick naturally brings together all of his experience into the creation of one entertainment utility platform. 

“Clipkick started as something I did as a creative outlet,” said Edwards. “Sharing funny clips with friends always brings me joy. I started building the app in order to make sharing those clips easier. My friends began using the app and it became clear that I was onto something.”

Clipkick Launches Next-Generation Video Curation App for the Entertainment Community

A few angel investors showed interest, and Edwards decided to go all in. He created a business plan, hired a design and build team, and moved to LA to set up his HQ. “LA is a great place to launch a startup. You’re in close proximity to not only desirable funding sources but also to huge media and tech companies,” Edwards said. “The city is full of life and for us, it was important to be the heart of where content is produced. We knew that LA was 100 percent the right choice to set up shop in and, after our launch, that gut instinct was confirmed.”  

Since January, the Clipkick team has been testing and redefining its go-to-market strategy. “Finding your market fit is always a challenge. Part of our download and user acquisition strategy was to define and market to our target audience in super specific ways,” said Edwards. “We had some good thoughts on who we thought our target audience would be, but the community has spoken and we are seeing huge user acquisition with actors, comedians, and those in the entertainment industry. The heart and soul of LA.” 

Entertainers, especially under the current circumstances, must promote their talents virtually, and a reel in itself no longer defines their work as video sources continue to broaden and diversify. Clipkick allows entertainers and content creators to save all of their video clips from different platforms in one place, creating a video portfolio that can be easily shared with producers and talent agents and the public. It is not only becoming an essential part of seeing and being seen for those in the entertainment industry, but also a place where the talent community can build an audience across all their platforms and communicate and share work with each other. Some noteworthy actors and comedians that use Clipkick include Lauren Compton, Walid Chaya, Sergio HortegaJamie Miller and the list goes on. 

To further help talent on the app connect with the industry, performers can enter to win private meet-and-greets with three Los Angeles film and television professionals. To enter, creators need to download Clipkick, create a profile, and add at least one “Lineup” to their profile with videos featuring their performance skills. Make sure to enter soon, it is only taking 2,000 entries for this opportunity. 

In a super competitive app world, the future for Clipkick is bright. Next up Clipkick plans to launch more app features, including an AppleTV version, hire new team members and continue on its mission to enable users to watch, save and share videos in a seamless, easy, fun way.  Grab your smartphone, search Clipkick in the app store, and download this must-have video utility app. You won’t regret it and if you’re like me with a video clip obsession, you’ll use it each and every day.

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