Golden Ark To Launch Metaverse Platform for Cannabis Consumers

Golden Ark Launches New Metaverse Platform for Cannabis Consumers

The cannabis consumer economy is booming, with the marijuana industry increasing in value to around $92 billion in 2021. Golden Ark, a leading grower and supplier of cannabis products in the state of California, has since taken the initiative to build the first-ever metaverse platform targeting marijuana consumers.

The platform aims to bring community members together to have a safe space for everything they want and need to do. From social networking to social gaming, finding different dispensaries, and obtaining wearable marijuana-related items, such as t-shirts and accessories, members have much to look forward to within the community.

Metaverse Platform for Cannabis Consumers – First Of Its Kind

Here’s what to expect of the 420-Friendly Metaverse Platform.

There has never been a better time for organizations to build their own metaverse with the intent to bring like-minded individuals together to express themselves and share their love for all things marijuana. The metaverse land provides human connection via the internet while bringing people from different countries around the world together in a single space, where they can take advantage of everything offered to them.

Golden Ark Launches New Metaverse Platform for Cannabis Consumers

While Golden Ark has a physical location where it grows and distributes its marijuana products, the company is embarking on this new and exciting journey to get people from different cities, states, and countries involved in a metaverse cannabis lovers can enjoy most. With a similar concept to Decentraland.org, Golden Ark has created a virtual playground for cannabis consumers that provides them with countless opportunities to have fun. While leveraging the latest in Web3 technologies, the platform will include:

  • Marketplace for cannabis consumers and distributors and sellers, providing both audiences with opportunities to connect and enjoy themselves.
  • Play-to-earn entertaining games that community members can participate in to earn metaverse crypto that they can exchange for real-world wearable clothing from places like Elemonkey and Cookies. Consumers can swap their crypto tokens for these clothes via Golden Ark’s metaverse.
  • Access to educational material on cannabis products and details on dispensaries.
  • View of a complete map system showing members where to find the best dispensaries across the country.
  • Shopping center for wearable items from Elemonkey, Cookies, and more.

The metaverse will create a safe space for people who want to make social connections while furthering their education on cannabis, playing fun games, and having the potential to earn rewards. There will likely be NFTs in the metaverse as it continues growing and expanding in the coming years.

Revolutionizing the Marijuana Industry, One Step at a Time

Golden Ark’s decision to create this new metaverse is sure to change how they communicate with consumers and conduct their business, providing everyone with a more enhanced, technologically advanced experience than before. However, while shifting to Web3 and building metaverse real estate, the company plans to continue operating as a traditional business with a brick-and-mortar location.

The company aims to start with cannabis details, gaming opportunities, and social media updates before bringing forth utility and functionality within the metaverse to build more projects and offer more entertainment to consumers. Cannabis lovers will have access to additional benefits within the metaverse when everything is said and done. While building a solid community full of cannabis enthusiasts requires both time and effort, Golden Ark’s leaders are ready to make it happen, taking things one step at a time to revolutionize the marijuana industry while taking the lead in making the shift to Web3.

As the first of its kind, the marijuana-based metaverse will help Golden Ark reach a wider audience without having to open brick-and-mortar businesses in their states and countries, ultimately saving money while boosting sales. It also allows cannabis growers to sell their products to consumers without dealing with retailers as the middleman for them.

Golden Ark Launches New Metaverse Platform for Cannabis Consumers

Why It’s Important to Have a Cannabis-Based Metaverse

More than 48 million people in the United States are cannabis users. While some use it for medical purposes, others use it for recreational purposes, enjoying how it makes them feel. In addition, there are millions of other marijuana consumers throughout the world in places like Canada, Mexico, South Africa, and Australia. With millions of canna enthusiasts worldwide, it only makes sense for an organization like Golden Ark to hone in on this opportunity to bring these individuals from various walks of life together to create a welcoming space for them to share their interests. The latest metaverse will combine a genuine passion for cannabis with a love for online gaming, an industry that already has a staggering value of around $175B.

Who Benefits Most From the New Platform?

While anyone can benefit from joining this incredible community, those who reap the most advantages include:

  • Gamers – Gaming enthusiasts worldwide will look forward to the entertaining play-to-earn games sure to keep them busy while allowing them to collect tokens to exchange for authentic merchandise from some of the best brands.
  • Cannabis Community – Cannabis enthusiasts who love everything about the plant and want to learn more while socializing with like-minded individuals will also benefit from everything the platform offers.
  • Social Media Users – Millions of people already using social media to stay connected can take advantage of this cutting-edge platform that meets the mark while offering a fully enhanced experience.
  • Local Businesses – Business owners can join the community to connect, network, and even boost sales while increasing visibility for their brands through the metaverse.

The number of community members will only continue to increase as more people find out about Golden Ark’s latest initiative to launch a platform that is the first of its kind, with a primary focus on cannabis.

Golden Ark, also known as Ark, is the first company to build a metaverse platform and marketplace that targets marijuana consumers while providing the virtual space needed to connect, learn, have fun, and experience new things. It offers everything anyone could want or need, including social networking opportunities, social gaming, dispensary details, and more. With options to earn tokens, rewards, and merchandise in the real world while meeting new people, those who join the Ark Metaverse can benefit tremendously from this massive endeavor.

Golden Ark’s metaverse is precisely what the cannabis community needed, a judgment-free zone that offers fun, exciting opportunities to all.

What is the Metaverse?

The metaverse is a digital space that is separate from the physical world but still interacts with it. It is a 3-D virtual world that allows for users to create their own avatars, socialize, and participate in activities. The metaverse has been around for a few years now, but it is starting to gain traction as more people become interested in it.

The Metaverse is perfect for the cannabis community because it offers a safe space for people to experiment and explore without judgment. It is also a great place to meet new friends who share your interests, and there are plenty of activities to keep you busy.

The Ark Metaverse is just getting started, so there is still plenty of room for growth. If you are a cannabis consumer, be sure to check it out!

Ark Metaverse is launching on April 20, 2022, stay tuned!

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