DailiesPods Launches Affordable Learning Platform to Promote Equitable Education

DailiesPods Launches Affordable Learning Platform to Promote Equitable Education

More than six months after the COVID-19 pandemic hit the US, there’s still no clear way for parents to support their children’s education. Faced with these new educational challenges, parents are working to ensure that their children are both safe and advancing academically.

At the same time, online schooling is making students feel lonely and disengaged. Left with few other options, parents are making “educational pods” that allow them to band together and make mini-classrooms by hiring a teacher for private classes, which still may not be completely safe. But, such solutions are expensive and can further widen the inequity that already exists in the education sector in the US. The recently launched DailiesPods is addressing this very structural problem by bringing relief for both parents and children.

Dailies has been built with a mission to make education affordable and equitable. The company provides immersive online classes for students wherein certified teachers guide learning for children age 3 through 8th Grade. And that too, only at a fraction of the price of its competitors. Since traditional schooling is affected due to the pandemic, the students are struggling to engage with their peers.

“After speaking to hundreds of parents and educators in the past few months, I can say that neither parents nor teachers nor even school principals feel confident in what’s happening around them. It’s time that parents and educators work together to provide a new future for education. We want to empower them by creating tools that facilitate the power shift,”. Manuel Zamora, Founder of DailiesPods

To deal with this problem, DailiesPods forms groups of 4 to 8 students so that they can virtually interact with each other and build confidence. The pods are tailored to each child’s specific needs. They use a project-based learning model by presenting a guiding question to students, who then work together to research as they create an artifact to demonstrate their understanding.

The teachers are actively involved in the process, as they activate student interest, plan, facilitate discovery and discussions with students, and help students create their artifact so they can then share their learning with the group.

DailiesPods empowers parents by involving them in the educational conversation with their children. It provides them with data and progress reports that help them learn about their children’s strengths and weaknesses.

DailiesPods is certainly ahead of its competitors. For example, it doesn’t require parents to sign up for a specific session or at a specific time. It’s totally flexible, and it can easily supplement traditional or homeschooling or whatever educational decision parents make about their children’s education.

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