Top 10 Best Kept Secrets of the Régime des Fleurs Cult Perfume Brand

Top 10 Best Kept Secrets of the Régime des Fleurs Cult Perfume Brand

What is a cult brand? A cult brand is a brand that may not be very well known in general circles, but it inspires a devoted customer base. Such is the case with Régime des Fleurs, which is so low key that very few people know about it. Those who do know about, however, include some of the most knowledgeable experts in the fashion industry as well as the most fanatical artistic types in the niche of fragrances.

So let’s shed a spotlight into one of the most secrets yet sought-after brands in scents:

  1. Régime des Fleurs was actually founded in 2014. But they operated only in cyberspace, with cofounders Alia Raza and Ezra Woods communicating with customers only through their computers and through Instagram.
  2. For the most part, they relied on Internet word of mouth to spread the word of their perfumes. That meant they had to produce something that people would actually want to talk about, and they succeeded without a doubt. They used seductive notes like Earl Grey vapor and white ambergris to separate themselves from the rest of the crowd. Their fragrances were also blended by hand, which gave them an artisanal quality.
  3. Even their bottles were designed to catch attention. These were all custom-painted. They used unusual hues and shades, including lustrous peacock colors and luminous orange. These bottles also sported a small gold crest with the brand’s initials, and it looked supremely regal.
  4. The founders operated Régime des Fleurs for nearly 4 years in this way. They only recently opened a storefront atelier in LA, and they did so quietly without any bombastic fanfare.
  5. The location of their storefront was carefully chosen, as it was in Mid-City. It was right there in the middle of a neighborhood which has gradually been transformed by the arrival of various spaces dedicated to fashion and art.
  6. Right in front of the atelier, Régime des Fleurs offers its full lineup of products, with also includes formerly limited edition collaborations. These eclectic items include vinyl records from a project with Chloë Sevigny and Michel Gaubert along with candles hand-painted by noted textile artist George Venson of Voutsa.
  7. The Fait Main line is in the production area behind a white curtain, and this is the original collection of esoteric fragrances. This area also acts as the shipping hub for the online business.
  8. Customers have encouraged Alia Raza and Ezra Woods to run the place like an art gallery. Régime des Fleurs has a deep connection with its devoted fan base, and so they have catered to their customers’ preferences. They’ve featured dreamlike stylized oil paintings and artworks cast in lead crystal and blown glass. Featured artists include Max Jansons, Dylan Palmer, Samantha Thomas, and Kathy Klein.
  9. In a recent opening party, Kathy Klein set up psychedelic designs with flower petals on the floor.
  10. Out back, the flowers continue to emphasize the brand’s connection with botanical nature, with a parking lot filled with gorgeous flowering vines like passionflowers, morning glories, jasmine, and bougainvillea.

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