Thursday, August 18, 2022

Genies Avatars Allows You to Become a Better Version of Your Aspirational Self in the Digital Multiverse


In as much as we are all delighted to see how close our avatars are to how we see ourselves in the mirror or how others see us, Genies CEO Akash Nigam said in an interview that “The point is not to have an avatar that is representative of who you are,” Nigam said. “It’s not who you are in the real world. It’s the aspirational version of yourself.”

He said that users would “want to create something that feels like what they authentically believe they are on the inside. It reveals a lot about their personality and feelings.”

Especially now during the pandemic, there really is very little room to express yourself in terms of how you look or even how you feel because you don’t get to interact physically and people have fewer chances to see you.

This is totally different from how wild and fearless we could get in our digital world where it is easier to connect even with friends from faraway places.

What is noteworthy about Genies 3D Avatars, they constantly employ partnerships with celebrities and giants making it easier for us users to connect or in some pleasant recent offerings, be just like them in terms of fashion.

Genies Bring Lifelike Avatars to Other Apps

With Genie’s recent collaboration with Italian luxury brand Gucci for example, users may be able to dress their avatars in the latest Gucci fashion.

They can also follow what their favorite celebrity has been using or wearing and integrate it into their own avatars.

Artists can easily sell digital merchandise through partner platforms.

This ensures that the connection between them and their fans will continue even if they are not able to show themselves live in person because of quarantine restrictions.

Sure we would all want to connect with people especially celebrities in person, but the digital multiverse is an entirely different world because, in terms of creativity, it is not bound by any physical limitations.

An avatar lets you become a fantabulous version of yourself and if you are using something categorically in high fashion just like Genies, it will not be a huge surprise if it turns out the actual you are just as cool as your custom made avatar or a leveled up version of yourself.

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