System1 Fuses Technology + Science to Identify And Unlock Consumer Intent

System1 Fuses Technology + Science to Identify And Unlock Consumer Intent

How do you make your online advertising more effective? That’s a complicated idea, but System1 has a simple answer. For them, it’s about unlocking the data and identifying the consumer intent “beyond the search box.

It’s easy enough to identify what consumers want online when they go on Google. They enter their search terms, and from these terms you can pretty much get what they’re looking for. It’s obvious.

Yet on average a typical Internet user only spends 2% of their time at a search engine website. For the most part, they’re somewhere else when they’re online. Yet during this 98% of the time they’re online, they’re still harboring some unexpressed intent.

System1 has gathered a dream team of engineers and data scientists to finally unlock that unexpressed content. They’ve unlocked this with their pre-targeting algorithms so that they can then begin to fulfill this intent. They use machine-learning and statistical models to find out how consumers will react to a wide range of different situations. In other words, they’ve managed to digitally anticipate how consumers naturally act and behave. With this knowledge, they’re able to then serve consumer intent on a much larger scale.

Since System1 has unlocked the search box intent while the consumer is on the Internet, they can then connect the consumer with the most relevant advertisers from the major PPC networks. Thus, marketers are able to reach consumers past the search box stage. At the same time, consumers finally see more relevant advertising. The ads they see as they’re online are the ones that will actually catch their interest.

So what does this mean for you? If you’re an advertiser, you’ll benefit from System1’s ability to correctly predict consumer demand. They can then match that demand with the targeted advertisers. The research System1 conducts can be remarkably complicated, but the results are simple enough to see. They’re able to make your advertising more effective, and that’s always good for advertising.

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