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Important Ad Metrics Every Digital Marketer Should Be Tracking

How do you value the metrics you obtain? Here’s a way to make sense of all these impressions, clicks, and conversions. The nice thing about online marketing and advertising is that you can get hard data regarding the success of your marketing strategy. You know if it’s working or not. It’s not like a radio or TV ad. With these advertisements, you don’t really know how many people saw or ...

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Fearlessly Elevate Your Personal Brand Online

Pop quiz: If you could choose one emoji that represented you (like, if one emoji from you had to sign every email) which emoji would it be? Part two of that question: How closely does that emoji speak to your personal brand? Huh. We’ll come back to all that in less than six minutes. There’s a student in my Career Connections class who literally put the most exciting thing she ...

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Best Ways to Advertise - For Free!

Every business needs to advertise, and just about every entrepreneur may have at one point bewailed the costs of advertising. It can be extremely frustrating when you realize that you could reach so many people if you had a much bigger budget to advertise your wares. Lucky for you, there are actually ways for you to get free advertising. Google My Business A lot of people go online to search ...

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System1 Fuses Technology + Science to Identify And Unlock Consumer Intent

How do you make your online advertising more effective? That’s a complicated idea, but System1 has a simple answer. For them, it’s about unlocking the data and identifying the consumer intent “beyond the search box. It’s easy enough to identify what consumers want online when they go on Google. They enter their search terms, and from these terms you can pretty much get what they’re looking for. It’s obvious. Yet ...

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Vertebrae Creates Augmented Reality Ads that Grab the Attention of Customers

Virtual reality isn’t a sci-fi concept anymore. In case you’ve missed the memo, it’s already here, and it’s not theoretical. Virtual reality is so real that Vertebrae is offering an Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality advertising platform. If you want to stand out from your competitors, this is surely one way to go. The featured ad formats with AR and VR span a wide range of possibilities.  With augmented reality ...

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Create Engaging Demos For Your Mobile App With AppOnboard

AppOnboard is a next-gen platform that powers Full-Fidelity Demos; allowing users to instantly experience an app of the highest quality possible before downloading it. This is done through full fidelity demos which AppOnboard can build within a matter of days. The users can try out the app in full quality, and there’s no need to download anything at all. This then leads to high-quality users who appreciate the full transparency of ...

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