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Customer Still Has To Be King Despite COVID-19

As the world has been massively slowed down by the paralytic COVID-19, it suddenly seemed like we have changed our way of doing business. Or have we? Even though the world is upside down with the COVID-19 turmoil. The rules for creating a successful business never changes. You should put the customer first. Just like the old saying goes, the customer is king. Yes, they still are, despite COVID-19. What ...

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How To Deal With Difficult Customers & Customers Complaints

Find out what the most common types of customer complaints and how you can resolve them. You can even prevent them from happening in the first place! Customer complaints are like death and taxes—they’re inevitable if you’re going to be in business. That’s certainly true when you have plenty of customers, as you can expect a certain percentage of them to come up with complaints about your products and services. ...

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4 Simple Solutions For Greater Customer Satisfaction

Before you lose your cool when your client rejects your work, consider more level-headed solutions for greater customer satisfaction. The customer is always right, right? The problem is that no one’s perfect, and that includes you too. So at some point in your professional life, you’re probably going to encounter a client who doesn’t approve of the work you’ve done. Having an unsatisfied customer or client is unfortunately not a ...

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System1 Fuses Technology + Science to Identify And Unlock Consumer Intent

How do you make your online advertising more effective? That’s a complicated idea, but System1 has a simple answer. For them, it’s about unlocking the data and identifying the consumer intent “beyond the search box. It’s easy enough to identify what consumers want online when they go on Google. They enter their search terms, and from these terms you can pretty much get what they’re looking for. It’s obvious. Yet ...

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