Bombs Darts Birds: Golf, Good Vibes, and Stylish Apparel

In the heart of Redondo Beach, a unique golf lifestyle apparel brand, Bombs Darts Birds, has emerged, offering more than just caps and clothing; it’s a celebration of the joy and camaraderie that golf brings. But what exactly does “golf lifestyle” mean, and how did this brand come to be?

The brainchild of mostly-ex ad exec Josh Crick, Bombs Darts Birds embarked on its journey unexpectedly. The story began when Josh’s wife presented him with a vendor credit for hats and a simple question: “Do you want to make golf hats for you and your friends?” With an immediate “yes,” the brand was born in a mere five minutes of brainstorming. The stars aligned as the trademark, website, and social media handles were readily available.

Starting with just 50 hats, Bombs Darts Birds aimed to encapsulate a message that golf is more enjoyable when played with happiness and good vibes. This mantra resonated, and the demand for different styles, colorways, and apparel options soon followed. The brand evolved from a handful of hats to a comprehensive line of apparel, setting the tone on the golf course and subtly expressing one’s love for the sport off the course in a way only insiders would understand. “We have a simple brand filter…if we need to say ‘golf’ on our pieces, we don’t understand our customers,” notes Crick, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to a genuine and understated connection with its audience.

As momentum gained, Bombs Darts Birds attracted a small investment round, further fueling its growth. The brand’s direct-to-consumer (D2C) presence expanded, leading to the establishment of a physical showroom in South Redondo Beach. This space serves as more than just a store; it’s a canvas to tell the brand’s story, host small industry events, create and test product samples, and even provide a fun golf simulation experience for kids in the back. According to Crick, “The Redondo space is perfect for us because it allows us to connect with our community, showcase our brand values, and immerse our customers in the Bombs Darts Birds experience.”

With the holiday season on the horizon, Bombs Darts Birds is gearing up for a festive celebration. The brand hopes to play a role in gift-giving for golfers both on and off the course, offering stylish and purposeful items that embody the spirit of the game.

In the world of Bombs Darts Birds, it’s not just about hitting a BOMB into the fairway, throwing a DART close to the pin, or sinking the putt for BIRD. It’s about enjoying the game with a sense of style, positivity, and an understanding that, sometimes, less is more – a sentiment echoed in their simple yet impactful brand philosophy: “Play Happy.”

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