15 Effective Ways to Grow YouTube Subscribers

15 Real Ways to Grow YouTube Subscribers

Yes, you can buy YouTube subscribers to inflate your numbers. But that’s bad in so many ways. Still, you can increase these numbers with these simple steps.

If you post videos on YouTube, it feels so much better when you get a lot of subscribers. It’s a validation of all your efforts, and truth be told it’s great to boast about it.

Best Ways to Get More Subscribers on YouTube

However, there are practical reasons for increasing your subscribers. One reason is that you need the right number of subscribers to take advantage of certain ways of making money off YouTube. To become a YouTube partner and earn advertisement money, you first need to achieve the 1,000-subscriber milestone.

YouTube also has a “benefit level” ladder that gives you more benefits such as production assistance and awards as you get your subscriber number higher.

Finally, the YouTube algorithm decides to suggest your videos to viewers only if you have the right stats for play counts, watch period, and level of engagement. You’re more likely to improve those stats if you have plenty of subscribers. These people are more likely to watch the videos you offer, and once they see your video collection they may also watch, like, and comment on many of your videos.

Don’t Buy YouTube Subscribers

Go online, and it’s not so hard to find people who will suggest that buying subscribers is an easy way to get around this requirement. It doesn’t cost a lot of money, and some just charge $10 or so for subscribers.

It doesn’t seem to be all that bad. It’s like hiring people to stand in line in front of your café to generate interest among passersby. They’ll think that the café is popular for good reasons and the café will then get real customers. The same can happen to your website.

But more often than not, that’s not what happens. The “subscribers” you get aren’t real people, and they don’t behave like real subscribers. Typically, these are bots that don’t engage at all, so you don’t get comments and likes.

The fact that you have fake subscribers can also turn off a lot of other people. Your real viewers and subscribers may be offended since most people don’t like being fooled. It’s also a black mark against you as it keeps other brands from partnering with a fake like you.

There’s also the very real risk that YouTube will find out, and then you can get banned from the platform altogether.

In the end, you get very little rewards from buying YouTube subscribers, while you’re risking a lot.

15 Real Ways to Grow YouTube Subscribers

Legit Means of Increasing Subscriber Numbers

So, what’s the alternative? The good news is that increasing your YouTube subscribers doesn’t necessarily have to involve complicated strategies. Here are some tips that can help:

1. Title Your Videos Properly

You have to think about what people type on the search bar to find videos like yours. That means your title must be descriptive and it should define your niche. Know what your potential viewer uses for keywords so that you can then use them for your titles.

Keep in mind that keywords are still the best way for people to find the videos they want to watch. You’re only able to get more subscribers from people who watch your videos, and using the right titles can increase the number of those viewers.

2. Simply Ask

Yes, it can be that easy. When people really enjoy a video, subconsciously they want to reward the maker of that video. They want to show their appreciation. So, if you ask them to subscribe, they just might do that.

It’s true that there’s a big red subscribe button right below the video screen, but people don’t really notice it. That’s because they’ve gotten used to it that it has become virtually invisible. However, if you remind them that they can subscribe, they just might notice that button and subscribe as you asked.

3. Provide Unique Content

We’ve already mentioned doing videos that people want to see because they use certain keywords. The problem is that it is very likely other channels are offering the same type of videos as you are. If you’re a coffee channel, for example, your videos may feature the best homebrewers, the best coffee beans, and how to make a pour-over cup of coffee. But other channels may have the same videos (and even the same titles.

So, to make your channel more unique, you need to add never-before-seen videos in addition to the classic topics. For that coffee video channel, perhaps you can review the local coffee shops in your neighborhood. Maybe you can review obscure brands of coffee, or perhaps try to review a very expensive coffee maker.

You may even try to cover other topics that are marginally related to your topic. For that coffee channel, you can do a video on the best snacks and desserts that go with your coffee. You can even feature reviews on coffee cups or even creamers. Just try to think outside the box.

15 Real Ways to Grow YouTube Subscribers

4. Engage with Your Viewers

When people watch movies and shows on their TVs, they don’t really expect to get into a nice discussion with the creators of those shows. That’s what makes YouTube very different from your regular TV. As a YouTube video creator, you have a handy way to interact and talk with your viewers.

So why not engage with them? React to their comments and answer their questions posted in the comments section. You can even just say thanks when they praise the video.

Your reactions make you seem a lot more real, and it gives you a more approachable image. This makes people more likely to subscribe to your channel. After all, you’re acting more like a friend and people like to support their friends.

Another side benefit to these engagements is that their comments can give you a lot of insight and ideas. You can take note of what they like and don’t like when you make your future videos. You can have new ideas on what to feature next time.

5. Hype Your Next Videos

When you’ve done a video, mention what you’ll be working on next. This can increase people’s interest and they will anticipate your coming videos. To make sure they don’t miss these next videos, they’re likely to subscribe to your channel.

Hyping your next videos may not mean much at first glance, but it actually works.

6. Pay Attention to Your Thumbnails

Plenty of people don’t judge what they’re going to watch based on the title. More often than not, they click on a video of the thumbnail looks inviting and interesting.

However, there’s a difference between designing thumbnails to attract more views and thumbnails to get more subscribers. To attract more subscribers, you need to put in a coherent and unified look to all your videos in your channel page.

This doesn’t mean that all these thumbnails should look very similar to each other. That can get boring, and it can confuse people too.

Instead, what we mean is that all your videos should feature professional-looking, high-quality thumbnails. Try to be consistent with the details. Stick with the same font and the same color palette. Make sure you use the same frame ratios.

7. Optimize Your Channel Banner

This is like a huge billboard for your brand when people first see your channel page. Aside from your actual video content, the banner is perhaps your most important element. It readily defines what your videos are all about.

So, you need a compelling image on the very center of your banner to start with, along with the name of the channel. At the bottom left corner, perhaps you can put in a highly visible logo.

At the right bottom corner, maybe you can also put in links to your social media and website pages. You may as well offer these opportunities for people to see more of your work.

Make sure though, that your banner works even for mobile screens. In fact, this is more important than looking good for desktop monitors. The latest stats reveal that about 70% of views on YouTube are actually on mobile screens.

8. Embed the Videos on Your Website

You offer another way for people to see your videos. If they come to your website first, seeing the embedded video there can encourage viewers to watch the video on YouTube instead. This allows them a very handy way to subscribe to your channel, while they can also read the reviews and engage with other viewers.

There’s also an SEO benefit to embedding videos. It helps your website earn higher search rankings in Google. It’s probably not a coincidence that this is true while Google also owns YouTube.

15 Real Ways to Grow YouTube Subscribers

9. Use YouTube Tools

A few years ago, you still had annotations for YouTube videos. Actually, they were very irritating and distracting, and they reduced the overall appeal of the videos in the first place. It’s a good thing that annotations are no longer a thing.

YouTube still has a few other tools to offer, and the good news is that these aren’t as annoying as annotations.

One of them is branding a watermark. This is an additional subscribe button right on the video screen. It’s not really all that distracting, and it can entice people to subscribe when there’s a moment in the video they particularly like.

Another nice tool is the end screen. This can again remind people to subscribe to your channel. More often than not, people who watch a video right to the end tend to like that video. In, people who don’t like your video at some point will just stop watching and click on to the next video. This means that your end screen subscription reminder will find a more receptive audience.

10. Offer Playlists

This is a way of enticing people to watch a whole bunch of your videos, instead of just one of them. The playlists can be very helpful, especially if there’s a logical progression to them. If you have a long video that you partitioned into parts 1, 2, and 3, then it makes a lot of sense that your playlist includes these 3 videos in their proper order. It saves people the trouble of manually searching for the next part.

It’s also great if you’re doing an ongoing series of videos. People will then anticipate the coming videos, and they’re more likely to subscribe to make sure they don’t miss the next video of the series. One history documentary channel offers a playlist for each English dynasty such as the Plantagenets, and then gives you a video focusing on each king.

Other ways of putting in playlists include categorizing videos by topics. One pianist on YouTube offers playlists such as “mellow tunes”, “heavy metal”, “using a grand piano”, and “live performances”.

Today, video playlists are very common just like your tunes playlist. Binge-watching TV episodes is very common now, and people are more apt to watch many videos at one go. After all, at least your videos are much shorter than regular TV episodes.

11. Try to Release Videos Consistently

It’s a bit like being a weekly show on network TV. Imagine if new episodes of Friends were shown on a random day each week. People would have howled at the injustice of it.

The same goes for your channel. Try to release videos on the same day (or days) each week. They’re more likely to subscribe, knowing that you won’t leave them hanging for long periods of time waiting for another video.

12. Hold a Contest

This can be as simple as asking for the best captions for a video. If you’re a commercial brand using videos to promote your products, you can also hold a contest asking for video submissions of customers using your products in the most creative, most effective, or most amusing ways.

Then all you need to do is to ask people to subscribe in order to participate. The prizes don’t need to be lavish either. Branded giveaway products can work just fine. In some cases, you can even offer experiences in lieu of products. One channel featured the winner as one of the actors in their next video.

13. Thank Your Subscribers as Your Subscriber Numbers Increase

You can thank them, especially for round-number milestones. At first, you might thank them for every 100 new subscribers. Afterward, you can thank them effusively once you reach the thousand, 5,000, or 10,000-subscriber milestone.

People like it (sometimes on a subconscious level) that they’re part of a popular group. Your subscribers may also be encouraged to ask their friends to subscribe to your channel as well. This makes sense since many friends share many common interests.

14. Partner with Other Channels

You may like other channels, and there’s a chance that they may like your channel as well. So why not make friends with these people. You can then encourage your subscribers to check out their channels and videos. The good news is that these other channels will reciprocate, and some of their subscribers may subscribe to your channel as well.

This is especially effective when the two channels are part of the same niche, but cover different categories and provide different information. For example, two channels about wristwatches can collaborate, if one covers classic models of yesteryear while the other channel focuses on new releases.

This is a win-win scenario for all channels involved. You’re able to reach out to another set of viewers, all with minimal effort.

15. Promote Your YouTube Channel on Other Platforms

There’s a very good chance that you’re not limiting yourself to just YouTube when it comes to interacting with others online. So, when you’re on these other platforms, why not mention your YouTube channel to people?

Provide a convenient link that people can click to take you to your channel. When you have a relevant video related to a topic you’re discussing, you can also give out a link to that video.

So, don’t forget to mention your YouTube channel when you’re on Facebook or while sending out your newsletters. You don’t have to do this every time, but you can suggest your YouTube videos every now and then.

Final Words

Of course, the main requirement for getting more subscribers is to provide high-quality content. There are no tricks that can compensate for your failure at this part. You absolutely need to make high-quality videos that get the interest of viewers.

That means to get the lighting and sound right. Try to look nice in front of the camera. Make sure your words are understandable. Don’t just be satisfied with the first take every time.

However, that doesn’t mean that’s the only thing you can do. Even a channel with high-quality videos can get more subscribers with the tips we’ve offered. All these little things you can do can provide substantial improvement with your subscription numbers, provided that you start with a collection of high-quality videos to offer.

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