Best Hip Travel Websites To Help Plan Your Next Vacation

Best Hip Travel Websites To Help Plan Your Next Vacation

The majority of the world’s countries are welcoming visitors from the United States. Although worldwide case counts have begun to rise once again, many countries are reducing their entry requirements for tourists who wish to test or quarantine. Several nations that had completely prohibited foreign tourists — including Israel, Morocco, Australia, and New Zealand — have either discontinued those bans or announced. Check the CDC travel recommendation for the different countries – HERE.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises Americans not to travel overseas until they have received adequate vaccinations against Covid-19. Even after that, the CDC is advising travelers to “stay up to date” to the circumstances in their international destination before traveling outside of the United States. Don’t take our word for it – conduct your research ahead of time before making any arrangements.

Traveling is a great way to escape the day-to-day grind and explore new cultures. Researching and booking your vacation can be very overwhelming with so many options. From searching for flights, deciding which rental car company best suits you, or booking lodging that best fits your needs there’s not one website that can do them all.

There is likely a site that’s tailor-made for the perfect vacation, but putting it all together takes time and we’re trying to save you as much time as possible. Here are the top ten sites to help!

Best Hip Travel Websites To Help Plan Your Next Vacation

Best Travel Websites For Everyday Travel

Best Websites for Travel Flight Searches


Our first pick for the best travel site would have to be Skyscanner. is a travel search engine that was founded in 2003 and has become a global leader in travel since then. They specialize in flights, hotels, cars rentals so you are able to book all your needs easily on one site. You can also browse by destination or use their ‘What’s my best deal?’ tool at the top of the homepage which will show places with prices that suit what you’re looking for best

Different search engines cater to different things like flight deals or booking excursions with specific companies but Skyscanner does it all so that your whole vacation can be planned from this one site – making planning trips as easy as possible by providing many options for vacations and offering various price ranges

Skyscanner has become the best travel website because it saves you time and money on vacation while providing the best customer service

For getting a quick snapshot of flight prices without limiting yourself to one spot, Skyscanner is an excellent choice.


Airwander is an online flight search engine that specializes in stopovers. They use intuitive design and allow you to customize your own travel itinerary by adding any layover destinations of interest.

The website is easy-to-use, informative, and intuitive because it includes a travel planner that allows users to plan vacations from start to finish without having to navigate through various websites or call customer service representatives

Their flight search engine provides information on airfare prices at all times during the year – which can be tricky if you’re unsure about what time of year would be best for vacationing. Airwanger will help take care of this task so that your vacation planning becomes more efficient while finding the best deals

Their hotel search engine is also helpful, providing visitors with the best deal for their budget.


Hopper is a search engine for flights that predicts when prices will change and tells you whether to buy or wait. Hopper can save you up to 40% on your next flight.

Hopper predicts future prices based on demand and shows users when to buy their tickets or book hotels so they can save money in the long run. This means travelers who want to keep costs as low as possible will be able to do so by checking Hopper’s predictions before completing transactions.

The website provides an easy way to compare rates across many different travel websites, eliminating the need for one traveler to go through each site individually and find what works best for them.

Hotels are ranked according to price, location, amenities offered, and rating from previous users which gives visitors more information than just a list of unranked establishments.

Along with hotels, Hopper offers flights as well as activities and tours in certain destinations that are available for purchase on its site.


Montreal-based Flighthub distinguishes itself from other online travel websites with its clean, user-friendly layout and the ability to filter search results for specific airlines of choice.

One of the bonuses offered at Flighthub is a list of the best flight deals in your area. In addition, users may find information about airports or other locations by using a search tool that has guides for major destinations around the world along with an overview and average costs.


Momondo is a great travel metasearch site that allows users to compare travel websites and flights from multiple providers. One of the best features is that it can show you what prices are available on those competing sites in real-time, so there’s no need for pesky window shopping.

It also offers a clever way to identify where best to go by using “Lowest Price” or “Best Value” filters that compare similar destinations based on user preference like spas, nightlife, foodie paradise, etc.

For travelers with specific destination wishes but not sure how best to get there they have an interactive map option that allows users to browse through their global database of cities before entering flight duration preferences and other details about holiday needs–all without having to leave Momondo!

Best Hip Travel Websites To Help Plan Your Next Vacation

Best Websites for Travel Accommodation


For travelers looking for a home-like feel, Airbnb offers an alternative to hotels with their extensive database of properties run by locals all over the world. From large homes in the countryside to city center apartments and small rentals on houseboats or tree houses, there’s something for every traveler’s need.

We love Airbnb for our travel, especially to new cities where we’re not sure of the best neighborhoods. You can stay in a nice, quiet neighborhood or live it up in the city center!


Vrbo is a website that offers vacation rentals for more than 100,000 destinations around the world. These include condos, bungalows, villas, and homes with prices ranging from $250/night to $15K+/week or month.

Oftentimes these accommodations are best suited for families or groups of friends who plan on cooking their own meals while they’re there – Vrbo has kitchens and dining areas in many listings! It’s also easy to find pet-friendly places so you can take your furry best friend along too.

Hostel World

The idea of bunk beds and strangers snoring in close proximity on your vacation may not be the most inviting option for accommodations; however, Hostel World offers more than traditional hostels. Hostels are known to be budget-friendly options and a great opportunity for travelers looking to meet new people, especially if they’re solo explorers.

You’ll find reviews, photos, and maps for over 36,000 hostels across 178 countries so no matter where your wanderlust takes you chances are there’s a spot waiting!

These days, hostels have become more than just a place to crash for the evening. Many offer private rooms and even private bathrooms, amping up the hostel experience for those who don’t want to go back to their college days. But if you’re not into that, there are hotels and B&Bs on-site too with mixed reviews.


CouchSurfing is a global hospitality exchange service accessible via professional review pages as well as through mobile applications.

CouchSurfing is best for solo travelers or small groups who are looking to meet new people and experience the local culture. You can find a couch, bed, guest room in someone’s home (many of which have kitchen privileges), or an apartment/house rental from other members most anywhere in the world!


Portland, Oregon-based GlampingHub has an expansive list of camping options from tents to safari campsites and treehouses with hot tubs in the best national parks across America. With search filters that include price points, amenities available at each site (like wi-fi), whether it’s pet friendly or allows smoking, travelers can find a place suited for their needs without having to scroll through page after page on other travel websites.

The company offers what they call “glampgrounds” located near major metropolitan areas as well where campers can stay close enough to city life but still enjoy nature. Some locations offer discounts like $50 off your first reservation when you sign up! They even have group specials for friends or families looking to travel together.


HotelTonight is another excellent choice to book a stay for a last-minute getaway. Starting at just $55 per night, you can find hotels in over 400 locations all around the world without having to do much digging or comparison shopping.

The best part about HotelTonight is that users can book up to three rooms and still receive these low rates! Travelers who are looking for additional savings will also be happy to know that they offer exclusive deals through their app including discounts on services such as Lyft rideshare and dining credits with OpenTable.

HotelTonight has something for everyone – whether you’re traveling solo, as a couple, or bringing your whole family along for the ride. They even have vacation homes available if you want an extended stay while exploring one of many destinations from Paris to Miami.


LateRooms is a great website for booking international stay options, as they have thousands of hotels available from London Hotels to Switzerland, Manchester, or Glasgow. From cheap hotels to last-minute deals we have it all covered.

Compare and book hotels with great low prices. Whether you are looking for a city center hotel, a romantic weekend break, UK staycation, or a b&b in Blackpool we have the right deals for you.

Best Hip Travel Websites To Help Plan Your Next Vacation

Best Website for Travel Guides & Tours

GetYourGuide is another best travel website that makes planning a vacation effortless! This site offers an array of activities to choose from so you can curate your perfect itinerary.

For example, when I was looking for the best places to visit in Croatia they offer tours like “Experience Dubrovnik” and “Croatian Delights.”

Plus, GetYourGuide has partnered with Expedia which means I’ll save more money on hotels through their booking engine too!


Tripsavvy is an information-packed website that’s a great resource for travelers. Tripsavvy covers the essentials of travel and offers plenty of insight to go without any worries.

You’ll find that its 20-year strong library of more than 30,000 articles will show you how to be a savvy traveler by booking your hotel, choosing the best bagels in New York City and how to skip lines at theme parks. Tripsavvy also gives you the confidence to go spend time on your vacation not stuck reading a guidebook or second-guessing yourself.


This is an online platform that provides a wide variety of travel options, from food tours to yoga classes. They also have day trips and excursions like biking through the hills of Tuscany or exploring temples in Bali. It’s best for solo travelers who want to meet people along the way – it will be easy to find a group with similar interests!

WithLocals allows you to search by destination as well as what activities interest you most so there are more opportunities than ever before when planning your next trip without all the hassle.

For instance, if I type “Yoga Vacation” into their search bar they show me over 20 different locations around the world where my desired activity can take place! There are even some that cater to specific needs with different styles of yoga like “yoga and surfing” or “yoga for beginners.”

Since these tours are curated by locals, the best things you can do in each destination will be easily accessible. For example, if I search around Kauai they show me hikes at Waimea Canyon and an afternoon exploring Hanalei Bay – exactly what this particular traveler is looking for!

The best part? WithLocals offers all their services completely free! They’re not charging travelers a dime which means that my wanderlust has never been more satisfied without breaking the bank.


I always turn to TripAdvisor when I go someplace new because they have amazing reviews made up of genuine opinions about various restaurants, attractions, etc in cities around the world.

Their best travel website is super informative which means I’ll never be stuck with only tourist traps again! And not only do they provide reviews but they also give information on the best time to visit, average prices and other tourist tips.

Best Websites for Road Trips


RoadTrippers is the best site for travelers who know they want to hit the road but still haven’t figured out where. This trip planner provides info on how far and long it’ll take you to drive, gas prices at your destination, best places to stop along the way (such as national parks), and even has an assortment of trips you can choose from if you’re looking for some inspiration. The best part? You don’t have to be locked into one place in order to plan your route thanks to this app’s offline maps!

RoadTrippers offers exciting travel plans across America with detailed driving directions between destinations – perfect for those last-minute getaways or longer vacations when planning every step isn’t possible

Drive The Nation

Drive The Nation is a great website that provides you with the best possible route for your road trip, covering everything from gas prices at your destination to the best places to stop along the way.

The best part? You don’t have to be locked into one place in order to plan your route thanks to this app’s offline maps!

Plus, there are plenty of exciting travel plans across America – perfect for those last-minute getaways or longer vacations when planning every step isn’t possible. So if you’re looking for some inspiration and want a more customized experience than simply booking flights online (or on another website), Drive The Nation is worth checking out before starting your journey.

Road Trips With Families

Road Trips With Families is a great resource for anyone who has kids in tow. It’s also best for anyone with a limited budget, as it contains many great articles on how to travel cheaply and responsibly.

The site includes everything from practical advice about car rental companies, packing lists for different types of trips (with children or without), best restaurants near popular campsites across the country – they have both family-oriented content and more general pieces that are perfect for first-time travelers looking to save money.

Road Trips With Families is one of those sites you might not know existed until you stumble upon it while looking into other topics online!

That concludes our in-depth search for the best and most innovative travel websites to tap into, whether they be local or international.

Remember: Do your research and plan ahead of time to make the most of your vacation time and book deals at the lowest price possible!

And, of course, do your homework on COVID-19 travel restrictions before making any reservations!

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