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5 Cool Ways to Wear a Hoodie


In the not so distant past, hoodies were the de facto uniforms of would-be bad guys. They were meant to disguise you and keep others from recognizing you too easily, so muggers and robbers loved them.

Nowadays, though, hoodies can be cool additions to your men’s wardrobe. You just have to know how to wear them right so that people won’t worry when they see you on the streets.

1. Hoodies and Layers

You can wear your hoodie as part of your layered look so that you’re warm while you look great too. A zip-up hoodie can actually look nice when you wear it over a basic white crewneck T-shirt. Then you can add another jacket or an overcoat to have your layers. To complete the look, go with slim jeans along with clean white sneakers. Or black boots.

2. The Sporty Look

Fashionistas have come up with the term “athleisure” to denote the use of sportswear as part of your casual attire. Many designers have come up with hoodies to make you look athletic, without giving the impression that you simply didn’t make an effort to change from your gym clothes.

To give this look a go, you need a hoodie that fits you right, and it should be made from fabrics that are heavier and softer. Go with a grey or black hoodie to match with your black fitted joggers and basic leather sneakers.

3. Hoodie under a Leather Jacket

For some reason, the look of a leather jacket over a hoodie is a classic. It’s a trend that doesn’t go away regardless of the year.

To do this right, you need a black leather jacket along with black or dark blue jeans. Then you can mix and match with hoodies of different colors under the jacket. To finish the outfit, you can also get Chelsea boots in suede or leather.

4. The Tailored Look

Instead of a leather jacket, you can also match your hoodie with a blazer or a suit. The addition of the suit tends to make you look sharper, and it works in an office environment where casual is the norm.

To make this work properly, you need a mid-weight hoodie in gray. Then you need a suit preferably in charcoal gray. Your trousers should closely match either the hoodie or the suit, and then you complete the picture with white lace-up sneakers.

5. What about Tailored Trousers?

You can ditch the suit and still look both casual and smart when you match your hoodie with tailored trousers. This will still make you like an actual adult instead of an overgrown teen.

A template you can use includes a hoodie in a neutral color, and then you can match this with tailored trousers and some expensive-looking sneakers. The trousers can even be in pinstripes if you’re feeling adventurous.

So now you know that you can use hoodies for an adult look that’s also cool and casual. Go with a fitted hoodie, and ditch the hoodies with logos and comedic features. And unless you’re in school, leave your university hoodies at home. Even if you’re middle-aged, a hoodie can look good if it’s made with luxury fabric and you match it with tailored trousers!

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