Saturday, July 2, 2022

Create Engaging Demos For Your Mobile App With AppOnboard


AppOnboard is a next-gen platform that powers Full-Fidelity Demos; allowing users to instantly experience an app of the highest quality possible before downloading it. This is done through full fidelity demos which AppOnboard can build within a matter of days.

The users can try out the app in full quality, and there’s no need to download anything at all. This then leads to high-quality users who appreciate the full transparency of the demo, as there’s no need to pay anything or to even download anything to discover everything there is about the app. These users are more likely to spend money on the app in the future.

One clear advantage for the app developers is AppOnboard’s chronological heat maps. This doesn’t just tell developers the areas that users tap the most. Instead, the chronological heat maps tell when these users touch specific areas and elements of the app. The developers know what the users are seeing when they click, tap, or swipe. This is the kind of data that can lead to significant insight into how users are engaging with the app.

In addition, the demo can go beyond merely playable ads to garner attention. App developers can start with A/B testing to see which version of their app is better at engaging the users. The app demo can also act as a sort of tutorial for users so that they know for sure what they’re really getting in the app.

AppOnboard uses this analytics approach to app advertising to fully realize what users want, and the app developers can find this out to give them what they want. The app demos offer truly faithful renditions, even if they’re in 3D. The users are appreciative and the developers gain useful facts and insights into fully developing their apps. It’s a win-win situation for users and app developers, and that makes AppOnboard a winner in app development.

AppOnboard takes a similar ‘heatmap’ approaches to what CrazyEgg do for the web-based websites – a clever move.

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