Indi Launches a Platform For Individual to Make Money From Their Social Connections

Indi Launches a Platform For Individual to Make Money From Their Social Connections

It is so easy to get followers these days when people just can’t help but have a piece of what you have to offer – it could be something you are selling or something that can’t be literally touched, like seeing you perform live, or listening to your useful tutorials.

Indi app lets you create your own personalized store page and you can get paid when you create or share content.

Here are some of the ways you can cash in:

  • You can get paid when you shop.
  • When you share product recommendations through text or social media, you get paid when someone buys from your link.
  • You can set up a pay per view or by subscription so you get to make money when you share lessons, tutorials, or any personalized on-demand content for your regular viewers
  • People can’t get enough of shoutouts. You can ask for a fee when your followers are hell-bent on hearing their greetings from your page.

You see as long as there is a demand for what you have to show or say, you can set a price.

Indi app lets you do all these. Making money in the social multiverse has never been this easy and less complicated.

This app is the best thing that ever happened to artists, designers, educators, athletes, celebrities, and even ordinary people whose beauty or brains are desperately on-demand across the multiverse.

It is now easier to introduce what you have to sell, not just to your usual circle. Someone halfway across the globe could be willing to pay just to hear your music, watch your film, listen to your advice, learn how to fix their car from you, the ways from which you can earn are amaranthine.

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