Bridg Helps Brands Drive Sales By Reaching Actual Guests

Bridg Helps Brands Drive Sales By Reaching Actual Guests

Online sales platforms like Amazon enjoy huge growth because they employ savvy marketing specialists. They use the online sales data they generate to discover their individual preferences so that their marketing strategies can be planned and implanted most effectively.

The problem is that most businesses today are still in the brick-and-mortar world, and this kind of data isn’t easy to accumulate. That’s a problem that Bridg solves. They offer ways for restaurant and retail marketers to generate and analyze data that can help them engage more effectively with their customers.

Bridg offers a suite of marketing programs that take advantage of data from point-of-sale transactions in virtually real time. The benefits they offer are outstanding. They can help you develop loyal customers and increase your sales online. They can help lure back your lapsed customers and this can be done through the proper use of rewards.

They can track individual customer behavior so that marketing tools like coupons and rewards aren’t used indiscriminately. They can help your business use these tools to lure in lapsed customers so that they can instead remain loyal. You minimize the number of customers that only come in when you offer rewards and discounts, while you’re refrained from offering such rewards to customers who are loyal even without such enticements.

Bridg can immediately track the impact of your marketing tactics on your sales so that you immediately know which tactics work and which do not. They can help you track and understand your entire customer base, instead of just the few who sign up for your email memberships. They can identify the media by which you can engage customers more effectively.

These are the types of data that platforms like Amazon can gather and use, and now Bridg offers them to retail and restaurant businesses in the real world.

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