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Customer Still Has To Be King Despite COVID-19

As the world has been massively slowed down by the paralytic COVID-19, it suddenly seemed like we have changed our way of doing business. Or have we? Even though the world is upside down with the COVID-19 turmoil. The rules for creating a successful business never changes. You should put the customer first. Just like the old saying goes, the customer is king. Yes, they still are, despite COVID-19. What ...

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6 Top Reasons Every Business Should Be Active on Social Media Right Now

Social media is a key part of a successful Inbound Marketing strategy. Having accounted for your business provides you with a great number of benefits besides just being caught up with today’s pandemic. Don’t make the mistake of dismissing or misusing social media! You will find that it’s among the most powerful tools of becoming the dominant player in your niche, perhaps even your industry.   The social media demographics ...

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Important Ad Metrics Every Digital Marketer Should Be Tracking

How do you value the metrics you obtain? Here’s a way to make sense of all these impressions, clicks, and conversions. The nice thing about online marketing and advertising is that you can get hard data regarding the success of your marketing strategy. You know if it’s working or not. It’s not like a radio or TV ad. With these advertisements, you don’t really know how many people saw or ...

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10 Tips for SMBs on How to Use Social Media For Marketing

Social media can be a useful platform for small business advertising and marketing. But that’s only true if you know what you’re doing. One of the oldest truisms in advertising is that you go where your customers are. In the old days, that means advertising on TV and radio. Today, that means going online. More specifically, it means advertising using social media. That’s because that’s where the people are, at ...

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The Ultimate Guide to a Long-Term Brand Strategy

Are you in business for the long haul? Then you need to build up a strong brand, and here’s how you do it. Sometimes when you hear brand names, there’s instant recognition. You hear powerful brands like Nike, Starbucks, Google, Amazon, Ford, Rolex, Apple, and Honda, and you recognize what they’re all about. You know what they sell, and how good they are. A well-defined and executed brand strategy affects all ...

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Your Swag is an Extension of Your Brand, So Don’t Neglect It

You are what you give away. In the business world, this means that your brand can be defined by your swag — so you better think about your promo items. Have you ever watched awards shows and how celebrities talk about the “swag they receive? You find beauty items and luxury products, which then helps to define the brands. These cases illustrate a rather important point in marketing—your promotional items ...

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Best Branding Strategies You Must Try Out

When you start your own company, better make sure that you’ve also planned out what you’re going to do to build your brand strategy. The goal of brand building is to generate awareness of your brand through social media or other means. You want people to have heard of your brand and to know what your brand is all about. You don’t want then to say “What’s that?” whenever they ...

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5 Tools For An Effective Email Outreach Campaign

Email marketing is widely considered as among the best, if not the best, way of increasing traffic, converting leads, and making profits. Indeed, it has the highest return on investment in comparison with social media marketing where customer acquisition purposes are concerned. But there are limitations to email marketing, too. Studies have shown that its average open rate is only about 21% while its average click-through rate is even lower ...

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The Ultimate Guide To Social Media Marketing For Niche Business

You need to plan carefully if you want to use social media to meaningfully connect with your niche audience. Here’s how you do it. Social media can be a useful tool in boosting your niche business. That’s especially true if you do it right. However, you need careful planning to succeed. You can’t just go half-cocked and think you can just do things on the fly. That’s the road to ...

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