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Are Dogs Susceptible to COVID-19?

Because it's a relatively new thing, there are still a ton of things we don't know about the COVID-19 pandemic. The disease inflicts flu-like symptoms among humans, paired with cough, fever, and restricted breathing, and there are also many types of severity. There is a particular group of people that are especially vulnerable to contracting the disease which are the elderly, people with weak immune systems, and those who already...

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BBQ for Beginners: How To Ace The Grilling Test

Summer is still officially a few weeks away, Memorial Day sure kickstarts the season for BBQ. If you're new to grilling, you might be apprehensive about the process. Maybe your inexperience is causing you to hold back, so you're not getting as much practice as you'd like. Never fear—a few simple tricks are all you need to impress your friends and neighbors with your newfound skills. Here's a beginner's guide...

Read more Launched Marketplace for High Quality & Affordable Premium Wine

Founded in 2013, DRINKS operates in the $72B U.S. wine market. The company is focused on increasing disrupting the beverage alcohol market through their DTC brand, Wine Insiders, as well as through their B2B arm, which powers ship-to-home wine programs for national retailers such as Kroger, Thrive Market and Boxed. The U.S. is the largest market for wine globally and e-commerce accounts for less than 1%, leaving a huge untapped...

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What We Do (And Don't) Know About CBD

Most people these days have heard about CBD products and the health benefits they’re supposed to offer. But though we may know a bit about cannabidiol, we still don’t know a lot about it. If you’ve spent some time online reading the news (or even just watching cable news), you probably have stumbled upon a news report regarding CBD and its numerous supposed health benefits. These news reports are already...

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Your Ultimate Guide in Finding The Right Startup to Invest in

So you have been struggling with your search for the one startup to invest your dollars in? Have you exhausted all google web page results and still don’t seem to find any? Are you wondering where to find what would be the next Uber? Have you asked yourself, “maybe I have been doing something wrong?”. This guide is designed to help you unleash all the tools in your arsenal to...

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Things to Consider Before Becoming a Pet-Friendly Workplace

When deciding to bring a pet into a family, a prime concern of many potential pet owners is the amount of time they spend away from home at work. In an age of increasingly innovative workplaces, many offices are beginning to implement pet-friendly policies. According to the Society of Human Resource Management, eight percent of workplaces in the United States allow employees to bring their dogs to the office. The...

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10 Best No-Vocal Audio Music to Listen to For Optimal Productivity For Remote Workers

With everyone working from home, productivity has taken a nosedive. Focusing on work isn't easy. One of the simplest ways to avoid that pitfall is to employ the use of headphones. According to Sonos, 67% of people believe listening to music helps them get more done than drinking a cup of coffee. Tune in to some no-vocal audio and let the work come quickly. (Note: this doesn't have to be...

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Tell Your Stories Like Disney, The Right Way

It doesn't take much reflection to realize that almost all Disney stories mostly have the same basic plot, yet people still watch them. What does that have to do with branding? Well, your brand is a story in itself, and you need to learn how to tell it best if you want to grow your business. Authentic storytelling is more than how a lot of young and inexperienced startup founders...

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Tips To Keep Your Marketing Engine Running Through COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is worse than we have ever thought, absolutely everyone is affected, businesses halting their operations, restaurants are always empty, and supermarkets have almost depleted their supplies. As of this writing, the number of cases still doesn't show signs of decline, but just like every pandemic we humans have faced, we have gotten through, so there's a light at the end of the tunnel. During these kinds of...

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Zoom: The Frontrunner of The Covid-19 Quarantine Economy

In dire circumstances we are facing today due to the coronavirus pandemic, businesses are struggling to keep afloat. Most companies have been forced to close their doors, unfortunately, indefinitely. Despite this, some businesses took off since the start of the pandemic. Due to the concerns of the COVID-19 to spread, countries have mandated citizens to stay at home to reduce the chances of transmission of the virus. As a result,...

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