Streamlines Your Collaborative Development Workflows on GitLab

Streamlines Your Collaborative Development Workflows on GitLab

GitLab is an open source version control system that lets you collaborate on software coding, testing, and deployment. The community edition can be downloaded and installed on your own server in just 2 minutes, but there’s an enterprise edition that’s even richer with features. You can also use GitLab on their server, so you can enjoy free hosting for your private repositories. When you sign up, you get unlimited repositories and collaborators.

GitLab is very popular, and it’s used by more than 100,000 organizations. These include famous brands like IBM, Expedia, NASA, Bell, AT&T,, Interpol, and Cern.


  • Reporting and publishing: From the web interface, you can edit files and directories and create merge requests.
  • Extended authentication and authorization integration: You get LDAP user authentication that’s also compatible with Active Directory. Other features include 2-factor authentication and central authentication service (CAS) integration.
  • Fine-grained workflow management: GitLab groups let you group projects into directories and give users to several projects at once. You can also fork a repository, and automatically merge on build success.
  • Deeper integration with your tool stack: Integrations for lots of tools like JIRA, Jenkins, Hipchat, Slack, LDAP, a lot of hooks, and a complete API.

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