Vana Launches a Marketplace for Consumers to Explore and Shop Hemp CBD Products Online

Vana Launches a Marketplace for Consumers to Explore and Shop Hemp CBD Products Online

There’s without a doubt that the legal cannabis industry is one of the fastest-growing ones there is today. It was valued at $10.3 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach $30 billion by 2025. That’s about $17.5 billion in tax revenue by 2030, making it a very promising trade.

However, despite its growth, marketing for cannabis businesses still prove to be very tricky. Brands are having difficulties in promoting their wares as traditional advertising companies and publishers do not have the proper means to market their stuff. No one wants to risk a poorly-planned campaign as not only will it be costly but it can also get them in trouble.

Obviously, there’s a pressing need for someone to take care of cannabis brands’ marketing measures to ensure that they’re compliant with the laws of the land. So Vana stepped in to help simplify the process for cannabis and CBD purveyors without them risking their good reputation and legal standing.


Vana covers all the bases needed by publishers and cannabis brands alike to make sure that their ads are suitable to run in mainstream media. They will only work with state-licensed cannabis and CBD brands, for starters. They also use age and state-gating technologies on their compliant ads. They also include pertinent information like state health-warnings.

With these, publishers do not have to worry about working with CBD and cannabis brands anymore as the legality of their ads is ensured. They also provide lots of resources and are willing to provide the necessary information needed by both parties to better understand the process.

Today, Vana is considered as the leading compliant marketing platform for CBD and cannabis products. They help brands reach 200 million unique customers per month and offer all sorts of marketing and advertising services for those in the cannabis industry.

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