Report: 20% of California Water Agencies Could Be Facing Shortages

As California continues to experience its worst drought in history, a new state report shows that nearly 20% of the state’s urban water agencies could be facing shortages. The California Department of Water Resource’s first annual water supply and demand assessment surveyed the state’s urban water agencies to see how they are managing tight supplies through conservation efforts and improved drought planning. Officials said the findings highlight that, in many cases, water-saving efforts are making a difference.

The yearly report, which was released on July 1st, focuses on water agencies that serve at least 3,000 connections. The data for the report comes from 414 different reporting agencies. Out of those 414 agencies, 82% percent said they do not anticipate any shortages so long as current conservation efforts continue. These conservation efforts include voluntary reductions in water use and local Level 2 water shortage measures.

20% of California Water Agencies Could Be Facing Shortages

However, 18% of other urban water agencies are not as fortunate and are struggling with significant shortages. without taking more extreme measures such as mandatory water rationing and higher prices, they could face grave consequences in the form of a critical water shortage over the next few months.

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