Revolutionizing Retail: BOND Raises $2M to Pioneer Inspirational Livestream Shopping in the US

Livestream shopping, a trend that has gained popularity globally, is set to make its mark in the United States, thanks to BOND. This new platform, founded by Maddie Raedts and Sam Robinson, is designed to provide an inspiration-driven shopping experience, focusing on creator influence rather than product-led marketing.

BOND’s approach to livestream shopping is unique, putting the creator and content first. This strategy allows creators to connect with their audience in a more interactive way, offering a seamless shopping experience. The platform bridges creators, brands, and consumers across various premium lifestyle categories, creating a cohesive platform that aligns all incentives.

Since its launch, BOND has attracted over 65 creators and 50 brands, including notable names like Valeria Lipovetsky, Kit Keenan, Allegra Shaw, and Alyssa Lynch. The platform is designed to tackle the increasing difficulty of attracting new customers due to privacy regulations and new technology that has escalated the cost of acquisition.

BOND differentiates itself from traditional marketplaces by enabling creators to engage with consumers through live or prerecorded content that continues to sell as long as the product is available. BOND manages data insights and post-purchase operations, including logistics, customer service, and returns, while shoppers can explore creator profiles and product discovery.

BOND’s revenue model involves a small take rate from brands for each product sold on the platform, a portion of which goes to the creators. Following a $2 million pre-seed investment that closed earlier this year, the company plans to use the new funding for product development, hiring additional employees, and overall growth.

The company has plans to regularly release new features aimed at enhancing the shopper, brand, and customer experiences. BOND envisions itself as the ultimate destination for discovery, entertainment, and commerce, aiming to become a part of people’s everyday lives.

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