Dadventures Launches Fun And Easy Family Activities Platform

Dadventures Launches Fun And Easy Family Activities That You Can Do At Home

Since the Stay at Home Order was put into effect in California (and all over the world!), the scene has been set for all of us that are juggling working from home, homeschooling and trying to balance life. Even if you don’t have kids, staying at home can be hard for us all. On the bright side, it has been inspiring to watch companies step up to the challenge and pivot during this world-wide health crisis. That’s why we’d like to introduce you to Dadventures, a digital resource that empowers dads, moms, and kids to spend quality time together! They recently launched their newest platform Dadventures at Home, offering daily curated home-based family play and solo play activities, in response to the coronavirus. 

Since 2018, Dadventures has become a trusted resource for parents looking to discover the best family events and ways to engage with their kids. They got their start by curating the best out-of-home experiences and sharing it with the LA community. 

Dadventures Launches Fun And Easy Family Activities That You Can Do At Home

However, when the news of COVID-19 started to rumble, Stephen Dypiangco, Dadventures co-founder and CEO and Oscar winning producer, quickly started to put a plan in place to launch its new product sooner than expected. Dadventures had it in its 2020 plan to roll out Dadventures at Home later in the year, but the coronavirus sped that plan up considerably.  

“When I talked with my friends about their situation from around the globe, I knew that this virus was coming for the United States,” said Dypiangco. “In late February, I started putting together a business plan for Dadventures at Home and worked with the team to create the new platform within about three weeks. Dadventures is lucky to have a talented, dedicated team who was able to make this happen.” 

Dadventures at Home takes the guess-work out of sifting through hundreds of links. Content is organized by age, length, and type, and sorted by activities kids can do with families or alone, including those that don’t require a screen. 


Dadventures at Home has three main resource categories that include:

  1. Expert Support – Advice for parents on how to balance working from home, homeschooling their kids and keeping the household running smoothly. Content available includes information on how to prioritize your family’s mental health 
  2. Family Play – As daily routines and freedoms change rapidly, kids and parents alike face new challenges that are creating significant stressors. The best way to support kids’ emotional health during this crisis is to play with them. Dadventures at Home provides fun activities that allow families to be present together.
  3. Solo Play – Families are spending significantly more time together than before the pandemic began. As a result, parents are overworked and increasingly stressed out. They need a break to maintain their well-being, and Dadventures curates play-based activities kids can do on their own. 

If you’re interested in learning more from Dadventures you can subscribe for free now. Make sure to check back as well, Stephen Dypiangco will be back with more support resources for our LA Startups community to help us all thrive during this pandemic. 

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