How Zoom Became the Frontrunner of the COVID-19 Quarantine Economy

Zoom: The Frontrunner of The Covid-19 Quarantine Economy

ZoomIn dire circumstances we are facing today due to the coronavirus pandemic, businesses are struggling to keep afloat. Most companies have been forced to close their doors, unfortunately, indefinitely.

Despite this, some businesses took off since the start of the pandemic. Due to the concerns of the COVID-19 to spread, countries have mandated citizens to stay at home to reduce the chances of transmission of the virus. As a result, people are now depending on businesses such as food kit delivery apps (Blue Apron), streaming services (Netflix), grocery delivery platforms (Walmart), and, of course, online chat and video platforms (Zoom).

Zoom is the leading cloud platform in video communications, which was founded in 2011. It started to reach all-time highs due to the increase in demand for online communications platforms as a result of the coronavirus crisis. So much, so that Zoom stocks climbed to 50% since the start of the year. With the current demand and economic climate, Zoom has taken the liberty to add and/or adjust their features. These include:

HD Zoom Meetings, Rooms, and  Webinars

There are different avenues Zoom offers in terms of collaboration. Meetings or conference rooms can be accessed, and the great thing about it is that you may host a room and send a link to your participants for them to access your room via the cloud. Various webinars can also be accessed for further collaboration with team members.

Lifted the 40 min limit on video calls in selected countries

Zoom CEO Eric Yuan has announced that Zoom will be lifting its 40 minute limit on videoconferencing of its free trial version for countries heavily affected by the coronavirus, especially in China, the hardest one to be hit.

Connecting people across countries

Since Zoom can be operated as a cloud-based platform, it has expanded its reach around the globe. Certain countries are unable to access Zoom due to regulatory sanctions by those countries. Nevertheless, its flexibility and coverage allow people to connect to others from across the globe.

Low cost for services

There are several pricing points of Zoom available according to availed features. This allows individuals, small businesses, and even big conglomerates to choose from their packages and utilize Zoom at their advantage. Zoom made sure that you would get shortchanged for the price you pay.

Zoom also proved to be a saving grace to small businesses trying to stay afloat during this crisis. Even with their doors closed, they can remain operational by diverting their processes through Zoom. Moreover, its popularity and ease of usage have also prompted politicians and other public servants to use this platform as a means to conduct meetings and conference calls in regards to the current pandemic.

In a time such as now, businesses must try to adapt to the current needs of the market. Develop their existing processes to accommodate demand and adjust their affordability and quality to serve the needs of the people.

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