How Mogul Solves Unclaimed Royalties for Musicians

Unclaimed Royalties: Mogul's Solution

The digital age has revolutionized the music industry in countless ways, bringing both breakthroughs and challenges to artists worldwide. While the rise of streaming services has exponentially increased the accessibility and reach of music, it has also brought forth a lesser-known issue that plagues many artists: unclaimed royalties. With an ever-growing complexity in how music rights are managed, countless musicians find themselves unaware of or unable to claim the earnings they rightfully deserve.

Enter Mogul, a visionary platform with a mission to simplify the labyrinthine world of music royalties. As someone deeply invested in the creative ecosystem, I can’t overstate the importance of such a mission. Mogul is not just another player in the music industry; it’s a lifeline to artists who struggle to reap the benefits of their work.

As securing revenue from music streams becomes increasingly convoluted, artists — especially independent creators — often lack the resources or know-how to navigate the complexities of royalty collection. The result? A significant amount of royalties go unclaimed, overlooked in the decentralized troves of music’s digital archives. This isn’t just a loss for the artists; it’s a systemic failure that devalues the very essence of creative output.

Mogul’s Solution

In light of this, Mogul’s solution feels like a steadying hand in a tilting industry. By leveraging technology to track down unclaimed royalties, Mogul empowers musicians with the knowledge and means to pursue what is rightfully theirs. It’s a bridge over the gap between creation and compensation, a tool that could potentially alter the landscape of music ownership for the better.

Unclaimed Royalties: Mogul's Solution

How Does Mogul Work?

Mogul operates by employing cutting-edge algorithms and a comprehensive database to monitor various streaming platforms and royalty distribution channels. Its system meticulously scans for instances where an artist’s music is played but not properly accounted for. In the vast and tangled web of digital playbacks, songs often generate royalties that wind up in limbo due to inaccurate metadata or incomplete rights ownership information.

Mogul disentangles this web and earmarks these neglected earnings for the artists. Once these discrepancies are detected, Mogul provides a user-friendly dashboard, a centralized hub for artists to reclaim their royalties. With just a few clicks, artists can initiate the process of claiming what they have earned, significantly reducing the complexity and time traditionally required to collect these funds.

The platform is designed to democratize the earnings process, ensuring that artists—regardless of size or industry clout—have equal opportunity to the profits their music generates.

Benefits of Using Mogul

Mogul provides a plethora of benefits to artists navigating the digital music landscape. Chief among them is financial recuperation; by reclaiming unclaimed royalties, artists can secure an additional stream of income that would otherwise remain unutilized. Moreover, Mogul offers peace of mind by ensuring that artists are fairly compensated for their work without the burden of personally tracking each royalty owed.

The platform also simplifies the daunting task of rights management. With Mogul, artists do not need to become legal experts or savvy businesspersons; instead, they can focus on their passion for creating music while Mogul handles the intricacies of the royalty collection process.

Lastly, the transparency and accessibility provided by the user-friendly dashboard cultivate an environment of empowerment. By breaking down barriers to information and payment, Mogul enhances the potential for career longevity and financial stability for artists, fostering a more equitable music industry for all stakeholders.

Mogul’s Pricing Model

Navigating to Mogul’s pricing page, artists and music stakeholders will find a transparent and value-conscious pricing plan designed to accommodate their needs without compromising access to crucial services. Mogul operates on tiered pricing, ensuring that services are scalable and adjustable to the size and requirements of different users. The platform typically offers a free basic plan, which allows artists to become acquainted with the system and its plethora of features at no initial cost.

For more extensive services, there are premium plans which artists can subscribe to, unlocking advanced features such as in-depth analytics, wider royalty retrieval scope, and priority support. The premium plans are usually designed with a “pay-as-you-earn” approach, wherein a small percentage of the reclaimed royalties constitutes the fee. This pricing model signifies Mogul’s commitment to artist success—it’s only when artists thrive financially that the platform charges for its services.

Additionally, for music industry players with larger catalogs or those requiring customized solutions, Mogul provides bespoke enterprise packages. These are tailored to suit the intricate needs of bigger entities and come with dedicated account management, personalized onboarding, and strategic planning sessions.

Unclaimed Royalties: Mogul's Solution

Mogul’s Creators

Jeff Ponchick and Joey Mason, the co-founders of Mogul, understand the challenges that artists face in today’s music industry. Following their departure from SoundCloud in 2022, they were determined to address a persistent issue that plagues music creators: the complexity of tracking and claiming missed royalty income. With Mogul, their vision became clear: to empower musicians to effortlessly and transparently secure what rightfully belongs to them.

The journey commenced with in-depth conversations with artists at various stages of their careers. As they attentively listened, recurring themes emerged, highlighting the discrepancy between the growing need for financial resources and the perplexing obstacles musicians encounter in accessing their earnings. Inspired to address this paradoxical situation, they embarked on a mission to develop a platform that not only identifies but also rectifies these financial disparities in the royalty collection process.

Their unwavering dedication to this cause has captured the attention and garnered the support of esteemed investors. With great pride, Mogul has successfully secured $1.9 million in seed funding, a remarkable testament to the unwavering belief in their mission by esteemed entities such as Wonder Ventures, United Talent Agency, Amplify.LA, and ex-SoundCloud CEO Kerry Trainor’s Creator Partners.

The year 2023 marked the official launch of Mogul, a platform coalesced from our combined experiences—Jeff’s acumen as the former head of creators at SoundCloud and Joey’s expertise as the former VP of engineering. This seed funding marks the beginning of a new era for music royalties, one in which the artists take center stage.

Jeff Ponchick confided in a conversation with TechCrunch, “We were very interested in why musicians always needed more money but were having issues taking steps to get paid what was owed to them. This felt counterintuitive. We dug deep and got on calls with musicians with different career trajectories and a lot of similarities started to emerge in the problems they were facing.”

Today, Mogul transcends being merely a service; it represents a movement that seeks to honor and respect the creative endeavors of artists by ensuring they receive the full compensation they deserve. Although Mogul is still in its early stages, its innovative approach and unwavering dedication lead both veteran creators to firmly believe that it will redefine the journey from creation to remuneration, fostering a more equitable music industry for every artist.


I’m not a musician, but if I am one, I would definitely consider using Mogul as my go-to platform for managing my music royalties. The level of convenience and transparency offered by the platform is unmatched in the industry, making it a clear choice for any artist looking to secure their rightful earnings without hassle.

Moreover, Mogul’s commitment to empowering artists and fostering a more equitable music industry is commendable. By breaking down barriers and providing accessible tools for managing royalties, Mogul is creating a more sustainable and prosperous future for musicians everywhere. And with the support of esteemed investors and industry professionals, it’s clear that Mogul’s impact will only continue to grow.

So whether you’re an aspiring musician just starting out or a seasoned pro looking for better ways to manage your income, give Mogul a try. With its transparent pricing, user-friendly interface, and dedicated team behind the scenes, you can trust that your music royalties are in good hands with Mogul.

Congrats Jeff and Joey! #letsGO

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