SimplePractice: Practice Management Software for Psychologists and Therapists

Practice Management Software for Psychologists and Therapists

Health and wellness professionals start their practice with the best of intentions. They want to help people feel better and healthier. Yet often they’re stumped by the most mundane of reasons. Running a healthcare or wellness practice requires more knowledge than what a typical healthcare expert possesses. You need to actually know how to run a business.

It’s this stumbling block that SimplePractice helps to overcome. They offer a software platform that’s HIPAA-compliant, so that counselors, social workers, psychologists, and therapists can work without worry about the guidelines. SimplePractice strives to eliminate every frustrating aspect of running a practice so that you can concentrate on actually providing the service that your patients and clients need.

This starts with a client portal that can help your practice to run more smoothly. With this, you can get paperless intakes, smooth scheduling, and secure online payments. Now you don’t have to spend too much time on data entry, rescheduling appointments, or tracking payments. It’s a convenient way to communicate properly with your clients, and this comes with online security.


Payments are also more seamless since you have a single integrated system that lets you create CMS forms, superbills, and statements. With this, you can accept checks or cash, or use the credit card processing system. You can then export your transactions to QuickBooks or Excel, and it’s easy enough to view interactive reports so you can get up-to-date data regarding your practice.

You can also now create a schedule that suits your working practices. The calendar can even incorporate events that have nothing to do with clients, so a single calendar can guide your whole day.

There’s even a SimplePractice app that lets you manage your practice, so you can deal with session notes, contact lists, and scheduling. You can be anywhere, and you can still manage your practice properly.

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