Dogdrop, Dog Daycare Offering 1 Free Week to Parents Going Back to Work

Dogdrop, Dog Daycare Offering 1 Free Week to Parents Going Back to Work

Dogdrop, the Los Angeles-based dog care startup, announced its newest promotion of 1 Free Week of their daycare services to new customers. This comes following an alarming rate of dogs being returned to shelters as dog parents go back to work. Dogdrop wants to help dog parents transition back into their routine without having to surrender their quarantine dog to a shelter.

Dogdrop aims to decrease the rate of dogs being returned to shelters through their reliable, affordable daycare service

“Dogdrop is building the largest network of dog daycares and is the first millennial, tech enabled dog care brand,” said co-founder and CEO Shaina Denny.

Dogdrop does dog care differently, offering a higher level of service but at an accessible price point so everyone can benefit. Their super convenient, top-quality physical locations and monthly memberships are designed to give urban pet parents more flexible, on-demand access to quality dog care anytime, anywhere, with a brand they can know and trust no matter what city they’re in.

Dog parents can feel confident that Dogdrop is a safe place for their dogs to spend time while they get back to their busy lives. The LA Arts District location features a space for recreation and activity where dogs receive the exercise and stimulation they need. Highly skilled Droperators reinforce training cues and provide updates to parents through the Dogdrop member portal each month. Dogdrop also understands the dog parent’s point of view, which is why they provide parents with education and feedback to help them nurture the relationship with their pups to become better dog parents in a post-pandemic world.

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