DogDrop Launches a Flexible and Convenient Dog Daycare in LA

DogDrop Launches a Flexible and Convenient Dog Daycare in LA

It’s not new for pet parents to take the extra mile in caring for their fur babies. This is why more and more doggy daycare services are opening their doors as of late. DogDrop is one of the latest additions to the list of your options in case you need someone to look after your wee one.

An important thing to note about DogDrop, however, is that it doesn’t have the exact same concept as the other more established doggy daycares today. Unlike other services that offer board and lodging or walking services to pet parents, DogDrop has the same concept as daycare facilities.

Pet parents can drop off their pooch at any time of the day and leave their pets with the pros at DogDrop for a specific amount of time but not overnight or for a couple of days. They also don’t offer grooming services yet, so it can’t be classified as a pet hotel.

What they do is look after your pup for a couple of hours or an entire day while you go about and do your thing. They will keep your fur baby entertained and help them socialize. Not all dogs know how to or are willing to share space and attention with other pups so signing up for their services can also help your pet in other ways.

Another great advantage of DogDrop’s services is its flexibility. They have several plans that you can choose from, giving you options in how you want to make use of their offers.

Note, however, that while they do not have breed restrictions for their services, each pup will have to go through a behavioral assessment before they can take your pet in. This is for everyone’s safety, so please be understanding with their policies.

Some pet parents may also want to note that your fur babies are going to be kept indoors when you entrust them to DogDrop. They have ample space for dogs to move around and even have actual grass for bathroom breaks but they’ll be kept indoors for their safety.

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