PlayQ Launches Some Highly Addictive Mobile Games You Have to Try

20 Addictive Mobile Games You Should Download Now

For people who want casual and fun gaming with colorful graphics and smooth gameplay, PlayQ Games make apps that are addictive and worth spending your time on. PlayQ is a leading mobile gaming company building high-quality games for iOS, Google Play, Amazon, and Facebook.

PlayQ founder and CEO Joseph Aigboboh and Ryan Komori got on the list of Inc.’s 30 under 30. They established PlayQ with the intent of giving the best software products to a wide audience.

In 2016, the company was awarded one of the best places to work in Los Angeles. The company focuses on creativity, simplicity, focus, user experience, and sensory stimulation. PlayQ hires the best candidates to achieve their goal of delivering high-quality and unforgettable games to their audience.

Addictive Mobile Games from PlayQ You Should Download Now

Some of their best games include TasteBuds, CharmKing, BubbleBlitz, and HotShot. CharmKing is one of their best games ever made, with at least 10 Million downloads from Google Play.

PlayQ focuses on simple games that are visually stimulating. Most of their games are match-3 style puzzles which are a lot like CandyCrush. Veteran players of CandyCrush will appreciate games by PlayQ as they give a breath of fresh air to the genre with engaging playstyle and graphics.

If you’ve grown sick of CandyCrush, which in essence, is all about sweets, then TasteBuds will give variety to the match-3 with different flavors. Six cute little monsters that stand for each of the six different flavors will be with you on 120+ levels of puzzle adventure. 

If you like to play match-3 games with a more classic knight-kingdom adventure theme, then CharmKing is the best. You can match clouds, butterflies, cucumbers, and a lot more to progress through the levels. The game’s musical score is still reminiscent of CandyCrush but is more light-hearted and instrumental.

Bubble Blitz is PlayQ’s match-3 game with a time twist. This game will have your adrenaline pumping as your goal is to pop as many bubbles in a 60-second time frame. This game should entertain for hours as it engages more with the time limit. This is good for game veterans (or mom and dads that like casual tablet gaming) that find match-3 games too easy.

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