4 Interesting Facts About AI and Data Science – Execs Should Know

Interesting Facts About AI and Data Science - Execs Should Know

Nowadays, more and more people are excited about Artificial Intelligence (AI). It’s not just about developing a chess engine that can beat champions and grandmasters. AI can be used for so many ways in business that people are still trying to catalog all these methods.

With AI, you can personalize your website so it’s more interesting and useful, create content that your potential customers will find engaging, and analyze people’s interactions with your site content so you can send 1-on-1 personalized emails. You can have chatbots that can communicate with people without them realizing that they’re not talking to an actual person.

It’s used for social media marketing, PPC advertising, SEO, and focused advertising. However, you do need to understand a few facts about it first so you can actually use AI and get the results you want.

1. You probably have the necessary data already.

Before you can apply AI, you need a store of data to work with. That doesn’t make it impossible for you to use AI just because you think you don’t have the proper data. In fact, if you’re already running a successful business for a while then you already have some sort of data you can actually use.

Think about it. You know how many of your customers are buying from your shop, and how many go online to order your stuff. You know what they’ve bought, and you know when. You know how much they spend, and how they prefer to pay for your items. These tidbits of info can allow you to offer a more personalized means for your customers to access and buy your consumer items.

2. You still need to create new data.

Just because you have existing data doesn’t mean you can’t capture new data. You have to find more applicable data as time passes so you can make your AI more accurate and effective. AI is dependent on the quality of your data, and you can’t indefinitely rely on data that can become obsolete.

3. More data leads to greater initiative for your team members.

If you’re a business executive, there are decisions about the business that only you can decide. But you may still be forced to make decisions that your subordinates should have handled. That’s probably because they didn’t have the proper information to act on their own, and so they had to delay putting in proper solutions to problems because they didn’t know what to do. But if the data you have are accessible to your team members, they can then take the initiative with confidence.

4. Specialization is crucial.

You can make full use of your data by making sure that your team has specialists who can focus on the various aspects of your AI and data science efforts. So one group can concentrate on creating AI algorithms, another on data cleansing, and you can have another group devoted to data visualization. This gives you a more thorough overview than a team of jack-of-trades who are masters of none.

AI can lead to breakthroughs in the way your company operates because the data you have analyzed can pinpoint where you need to focus your efforts. That’s why you need to collect the data and analyze them properly, and to do that you need the proper data science experts as well.

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