Twitter Unveils Ad Revenue Sharing Program for Verified Creators

In a significant move to support its content creators, Twitter has announced a new initiative to share a portion of its ad revenues with verified creators who are part of Twitter Blue, the company’s premium subscription service. This move is seen as a significant win for creators who have long been advocating for ways to monetize their content on the platform.

To qualify for the program, creators must have a minimum of 5 million impressions on their posts over the past three months and possess a Stripe payment account. Once eligible, creators can opt into the program and earn revenue from ads displayed in their replies. The earnings will be determined by several factors, including the number of impressions their posts garner, the type of ads shown, and the overall engagement of their audience.

Twitter’s first payout under this program is expected to total $5 million, with creators earning a few cents per impression. The move is not only aimed at attracting new creators but also at encouraging existing ones to continue creating content for the platform. The initiative is also expected to boost engagement across Twitter’s user base.

However, the program has its limitations. It is only available to verified creators, leaving smaller creators out of its scope. There are also concerns that the ads might interfere with the creators’ engagement with their audience.

Despite these potential downsides, the launch of the ad revenue-sharing program is generally seen as a positive step for Twitter, especially during a challenging time marked by changes in its leadership.

The program has also sparked a debate about the nature of the content that garners the most engagement. Some creators have expressed concerns that tweets that divide opinion and attract extreme views might be the most profitable, potentially leading to further sensationalization of content.

However, for Twitter creators with the necessary reach, the introduction of the ad revenue-sharing program is undoubtedly a significant development.

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