ByteDance in Talks to Expand TikTok Music Service Globally

ByteDance, the company behind TikTok, is in talks with music labels about expanding its music-streaming service into more than a dozen markets. This would place it in direct competition with Spotify, Apple Music, and other major streaming services. The initial plan is to expand the company’s Resso service, which is currently only available in India, Indonesia, and Brazil, into more than a dozen markets. The U.S. is not said to be part of the next phase of expansion.

The talks have been strained at times over disagreements about how to value TikTok’s promotional benefits for the labels, the sources said. Concern over possible Chinese government involvement with the service is also likely to be a sticking point. However, ByteDance wants the service to eventually be integrated within TikTok and to serve as a major platform for distributing music around the world.

This move would be a major challenge to the existing music streaming landscape. TikTok has already proven itself to be a powerful force in the music industry, with songs going viral on the platform and launching artists to stardom. If ByteDance is able to successfully launch its music streaming service, it could upend the entire industry.

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