Bird’s Founder Travis VanderZanden Out

Travis VanderZanden, the founder of Bird, the popular scooter rental company in Los Angeles, has officially left his position as the chairperson of the board, effective immediately. This announcement marks the end of VanderZanden’s slow-motion departure from the company he led since its inception.

John Bitove, who played a significant role in saving Bird last year through a merger with Bird Canada, will replace VanderZanden. The change in leadership comes after a challenging period for Bird, which faced a declining stock price and a delisting warning from the New York Stock Exchange. VanderZanden’s departure from his role as president was the first sign of change, with the title handed over to Bird’s then-chief operating officer, Shane Torchiana, who later assumed the CEO post.

VanderZanden has stated that he has decided to step down from the board to pursue other ventures and return to his entrepreneurial roots. The specifics of these new ventures remain unknown, but the tech industry will undoubtedly be watching closely to see what VanderZanden does next. is a digital lifestyle publication that covers the culture of startups and technology companies in Los Angeles. It is the go-to site for people who want to keep up with what matters in Los Angeles’ tech and startups from those who know the city best.

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