Leave the Faucet On? Your Smartphone Will Tell You with Phyn

Every homeowner who has once ignored a water leak in the home inevitably regrets that sort of unjustified nonchalance. That’s because water leaks can increase your water bills and damage your home as well. It is critical that you deal with a water leak as soon as you notice it.  This is where Phyn comes in.

The problem is that many of us are so busy and don’t have time to check for water leaks in our homes. This is why more people are going with the Phyn Plus smart water assistant. This is a device that’s attached to the main water line in your home, constantly monitoring your water consumption. Unlike other systems that require multiple sensors for various potential leak spots, this system involves just a single device.

With its Wi-Fi capability, it can send notifications to your smartphone in real-time, warning you not just of actual leaks, but even potential leakages.

The device comes with a Phyn app, and through this app, users can monitor their water usage. The device itself performs plumbing checks on a daily basis and will notify you if it detects potential super-low peaks and irregular pressure levels that can lead to issues in the future. You can see how you use water and can use the app to turn off your water at home if you’re going away on an extended trip.

In case there’s a catastrophic leak, it won’t wait for you to turn off the water through your phone. The technology itself will act to shut off the water.

With this device and app, you can find out about even the tiniest leaks from sprinklers, faucets, and showerheads. You’ll be notified of burst pipes instantly, or even if you left the water running from your faucet. The Phyn system also alerts you to any pressure buildup that can lead to failing pipes.

All in all, it’s a simple solution that works, and a great defense against rising water bills and potential home water damage.

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