Miro Launches a Web-based Collaborative Whiteboard Platform for Product Managers

Miro Launches Web-based Collaborative Whiteboard Platform for Product Managers

What happens when a video conference, PowerPoint, post-it notes, and creativity come together? Miro happens.

Miro is an online whiteboard for people to post their ideas on. It’s an extremely useful tool that’s been developed for people that belong in separate departments. It eases the pain of having to draft a plan and then pass it on from one department to another. 

Miro: An Online Visual Collaboration Platform for Teamwork

It’s useful in terms of planning because it reduces the amount of time BETWEEN two departments by having them work together on it. It also makes sure the relevant people are leading the discussion and leaving out all the unnecessary things that distract from a good brainstorming session.

The whiteboard is an infinite canvas so that means several ideas can be put without needing to worry about taking up too much space for only one member of the discussion. Let’s admit it, there’s always that one member always taking up too much time for talking so having everything in a visual perspective helps reduce the time needed for meetings.

The Miro has several additions to the infinite canvas. Participants in the meeting can use a variety of widgets such as sticky notes, shapes, and charts. Templates are available for first-time users, or if they’d like to start from scratch, they can always go with the algorithmic style in planning and use lines and boxes to convey their ideas.

To prevent confusion of who’s doing what, each member’s mouse will show an indicator of their role. It also comes with the standard screen sharing so the participants can discuss in detail their plans if they have text-based presentations. A chat and commenting system is integrated as well to keep other members in the loop.

Miro is not exclusive. It has seamless integration with other work efficiency apps like Slack, Google Drive, Jira, and other online apps.

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