Aircam Let’s You Easily Share Photos at Events

Aircam Let's You Easily Share Photos at Events

Living in the moment nowadays also involves sharing photos in real-time. Doing so, however, can take people away from the party as some might be too engrossed in taking snapshots of an event instead of enjoying the celebration. Some will argue that this is the very reason why professional photographers are hired. But since they can’t really send you the photos they took right away so you might still want to take photos for your social media ‘stories’. aims to address this small issue with its handy service. This web photo and cloud service is quite a fascinating concept as it will let your event photographer automatically upload your party’s photos in their cloud so everyone can access it instantly. It basically eliminates the waiting time for your professionally-taken photos to be delivered to you, allowing you to enjoy your celebration in the quickest possible time.

How? works by giving your event photographer the technology to automatically upload their shots to a cloud service. By using the wi-fi technology on their cameras, they can instantly transmit their photos to the app in their gadgets which will then upload the photos into the service’s cloud.

Once there, people can quickly access the photos as they get uploaded. The service has a geofencing technology so folks in your event can just go to and view the photos right away. Those who are away can still view the photos in real-time through a permalink.

If you’re worried about the photo’s quality, don’t be. With a skilled photographer,’s automated editing will already do the magic. This makes it very convenient for photographers as well as it saves them from the tedious task of editing.

With, guests and hosts alike can enjoy their celebrations better as they don’t need to stay on their phones to take photos that they can share with faraway loved ones instantly. It will do the job for you so you can stay in those moments without the fear that you hadn’t captured them.

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